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Muki's Kitchen

One of the most unique sites you will find on the net. Professional photos of beautiful women prepared for succulent gourmet feasts! No alters here. These are professional models with real staged f/x acheived without photoshop video digital magic. A paysite, but the prices are reasonable and this one is definitely worth it! What more can I say... I'm still speachless!

Canntoon Island

Wow! Canntoon is an artist who draws his own Cannibal Cartoons. Not only are they great and very much in the spirit of the old Cann-Toons, he has also done a great cannibal fantasy video game called Cannibal Tycoon. Catch a girl in the jungle, cook her in the pot or roast her on the spit and keep your tribe fed while you collect points. Also includes a gallery of many of my 'toons from the old Cookbook site. Great stuff! Now at its new home at!

Art By Megh

Incredible cannibal fetish artwork by Meghan Vaughan, a self-admitted WE/Cannibal fetishist and an extremely talented artist. Megh's art includes some of the best cann-fetish artwork ever produced. The site also includes some of Megh's photographic work, including images from her portfolios at Muki's Kitchen.

Thuh Professor's Journal

It's back! Little (well, nothing really) is new, but it is great to see it again.

Donner Party Catering

Videos and Art from various sources and artists, mostly with a cannibal fetish theme. Some of the stuff here you won't see anywhere else. "Colt 45", who operates the site, has used this website as an archive of some of the better cann-fetish stuff produced at places like Pulptoon and Dolcett Girls.

Nikki's All Night Diner

Illustrated Cannibal Tales by Mamabliss. Includes several of Mamabliss' renderings of Sveta's stories.

Twistd's Repository of Gynophagia Literature

An artist of renown in the cannibal community, Twistd has compiled as externsive collection of cannibal fatnasy literature, both from the "mainstream" media as well as from on-line fetish fiction resources. A few of the stories there came from the old Cookbook site, including one of my own. While not an exhaustive list of cannibal fiction, it is certainly one of the most extensive resources of gynophagia and related literature available online today.

The Vidimax folks bring you a new website to promote their new project, Tenderloin 2.

Carnal Consummations

Cannibal fantasy stories of professional quality from a true fantasy "meatgirl". A fascinating peek into the feminine side of the gynophagia fantasy.

Bloody Tales

A bit rougher than mst of the other things here, and with less sex and nudity. Death Fetish meets Cann Fetish meet Belly Fetish. Maniacs, zombies and cannibals do nasty, bloody things to pretty girls' tummies. Yummy-yummy! Or, should I say, Yummy Tummy!

After Dark Fantasies

Chupacabra's new site. This is his free site, but it mostly links to the paysites on Erotic Illusions and his other paysites. There is some free stuff here. The look is nice and professional, but it every page makes a dramatic sound effect that gets really annoying after a few times.

Akasa's Table

It's back, this time on geocities. Nothing ever seems to last long on geocities so enjoy it while you can. Badly formatted, but navigable and readable. Links to the new, non-Geocities site which has a bit more to offer.

Delusions and Depravity

Ricky Pierro (Mr Olympia) brings one of his sites back to Necrobabes.

Cap'n Kitten and the Space Bunnies

Carrie creates and posts her own sexy comics at this web page. Always fun and always worth a look.

Boiled Alive

No, not the old "roughie" movie. This is a site devoted to boiling fetishes, of which the cannibal motif is clearly included. Some nice artwork mostly taken from other sites, a good historical info section and lots of introspection on what a fetish like this is all about. New/changed URL, but the same old page that has not been updated since 2001.

Dolcett Girls

Perro Loco's new Dolcett website. This is a paysite and includes many of the original Dolcett drawings (most of which are available at the Dolcett Archives below) plus specially produced material and more obscure art, including some of the works of the late Merle Hill.

Dolcett Archives

Necrobabe's tribute to Karyn's "La Case de Dolcett" and an archive of the Dolcett art once hosted there.


Cannibals on Film

Cannibal Films

Actually, it is debateable how "related" this actually is. You can buy T-Shirts and other stuff and you can see pictures of the cast and crew of a movie that I don't think actually exists and that is pretty much all there is. Judge for yourself.

Cannibal Film Fanatics

A website dedicated to Italian Cannibal Films, especially Cannibal Holocaust. They seem really upset about a proposed remake of Cannibal Holocaust and want you to join in a petition to stop it. I hope they don't mean Cannibal Metropolitiana, the proposed sequel by Deodato. We don't want to stop that. Other than that there is not a whole lot of any real interest here.

The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies

Yeah, it's my own site and it is linked from elsewhere on here but it is, after all, the most comprehensive listing of cannibal realted films anywhere!

Related Links

Not necessarily cannibal sites, but good sites with similar art and fiction. If you're more of swallower or a furry, you will find sites of interest here.


Toyogub's Dark Zone

A Japanese fetish site about women shrunken to a tiny size, and the various things that can be done to these tiny women. It makes it easy to eat them whole, and there is a whole gallery of drawing depicting that.

Squalo's Shark Page

I remember some time ago reading a report that sharks were attracted to the color yellow and women in bikinis. Now they say that sharks go for either sex in wet suits. I figure back in the 70s the shark they studied must have been Squalo. Shark tails, cannibal tales, bikinis and tummy links. My kinda guy. My only real complaint: I don't like sites that change my browser settings without my consent. This is what you get with free hosts these days. That, and popups and spyware cookies.

Rue Morgue/Club Dead

Since the folks at Rue Morgue and Club Dead have decided to experiment with cannibal videos, it made sense to encourage their activities by providing a link. With a great group of lovely ladies at their, er, disposal, this is a site well worth a look.

Jungle Girls Tree House

Kaol's Jungle Girls page. No cannibals (other than the usual Bettie Page pics) but still a lot of fun and a great page.

Annette Snakelover

Truly one of the Grand Ladies of Vore, Annette is hard to track these days. Here is the current location of her web page and blog. While her blog can be a bit depressing, Annette's stories and other writings are always entertaining, and occasionally brilliant!

Dawn Wells

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale... What cannibal hasn't had a fantasy of the luscious Mary Ann stranded on Gilligan's Island? With those shorts and delicious tummy, Mary Ann is a cannibal's icon. Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann in the 60s sitcom, has her own website with some great pictures of young, lovely and yummy Mary Ann. Just like the show, there are no cannibals there, but Mary Ann is... it's primitive as can be!

Dark Sites

Don't see what you're looking for here? You may be able to find something like it at the Dark Sites network. Links to scads of weird, odd, kinky, sick, and other adjectives for dark, strange and unusual. Almost everything is here, now even including Cookbook For Cannibals and Drum Beats!


Somewhat Related Links

...definitely worth checking out.


Cinema de Bizarre

new! Source for many rare a bizarre movies available on DVD and VHS. This site has a very large library that includes some very rare and elusive titles, including one of the most elusive of them all, Aimez-vous les Femmes?

Macabre Underground Video Society

Vidimax Lives! The old Vidimax videos are available through this link. The website is busy, cluttered and hard to navigate, much like their old xeroxed catalogs were but all the old stuff appears to all be there. "Tenderloin" is their best video and recommended.

EI Independent Cinema

Distributor for low-budget horror movies on videotape. Look for Sacrifice of the White Goddess.

Video Search of Miami

Let's face it. Cannibal movies are pretty rare and hard to find. A lot of them are foreign made and never released in the US. You can find many of them on video from the folks at VSoM at reasonable prices.

Something Weird Video

A lot of the stuff you can't get from VSoM you can get from Something Weird. They have a very large collection of stuff that's... well... weird!

Sinister Cinema

Another place to order unique videos. Although not nuch cannibal stuff here, there are a lot of cool old jungle adventures, serials and horror flicks.

WAVE Productions

Producers of low-budget shot-on-video horror and fantasy videos, including a few cannibal ones. Custom made videos are available through WAVE as well.

The Internet's Sickest Sites

I have had the dubious honor of being added to this site. A little reciprocation, therefore, is in order. Quite a collection of interesting sites. Some of them are quite sick, while others are merely... unusual. Worth a look.



Dead Links

Hopefully, these sites will return one day. Some of them were truly great.


Pete Boggs

The comic art of Pete Boggs, formerly Jungle Janet's Adventure Island. Pete abandoned the Jungle Janet comics in favor of his Barbi the Barbarienne comic, which still does include some cannibal elements. Pete has pulled a disappearing act and his unfinished comic has not been updated in more than two years! Rumors that Pete has passed on to the great swamp in the sky are unfounded, according to the forum attached to the website, and claim that Pete will eventually return with an update "some day." You can still see old issues while trying not to hold your breath.

It seems that someday will never come, as it appears that the site has gone 404.

Gourmet Girls

It looks like DolcettChef just let the domain lapse. I expect this one is gone for good.

Disturbing Things

The Doctor's current site. A password is required for entry and you must email the Doctor to request one but it is otherwise free. Once inside you will find most of the Doctor's old material, including Cannibals in Country plus new stuff from Ptarmigan, PD and others. Check out especially Kim Young's goblin series and the Doctor's great video clips. While the forum at Disturbed Things is still active, The Doctor's website at Disturbing Things is 404.

Deviant Desires

Sexologist of the Kinky (and a yummy babe in her own right) Katherine Gates' book Deviant Desires explores the world of fetishism and kinks. A great number of kinks are covered including cannibal and vore fetishes. In fact, Muki's Kitchen is featured as one of "kinks of the month" at the website. The website also has many other interesting features including FAQ's, discussion forums and "pervy" profiles. I think my favorite is Knocker's the Clown. I know, Cannibals don't eat Clowns because they taste funny, but in her case...

Not only is the website and forum gone, the domain is unregistered. Perhaps Ms Gates has become so absorbed in her domestic bliss that kinks and fetishes is no longer on her mind. Or, perhaps she has something bigger and better in mind. I'll miss this site. Katherine was the first professional to bring legitimacy to the Cannibal Play kink. My best wishes to her in wherever her future leads her.

Red Hot Planet

The newest offering from former Femme Fatales editor Bill George. Contains some nice art and some great articles and interviews. I particularly enjoyed the article about Cheryl "Rainbeux" Smith. Oops! Gone again! It does not look like this one will be coming back.


Dead Links Removed.


more to come...