Drum Beats

The Cookbook For Cannibals Message Forum FAQ

What happened to the forum?

The Drum Beats forum was hosted at adultforums.com, which also hosted several other vorophilia forums including The Woman Eater. Adultforums and Hotboards had been deteriorating for some time and it was only a matter of time until they went off-line completely. That has happened. The domains have been acquired by another host and now all links to adultforums and hotboards forward to MistressDestiny.com, a Femdom Forum site. It is the end of an era.


Will you reopen the forum elsewhere?

I have no immediate plans to reopen the Drum Beats board on another host or server. I reserve the right and option to do so in future if I find a good host and forum software and if I feel that there is a need or a void that it can fill. In the meantime, There are other, better forums that fill the same need as the Drum Beats board once did.


Where else can we go for Cannibal Fantasy discussion?

Gurgurant recommends the following forums for Cannibal Fantasy and Fetish discussion:

Pulptoon Forum

Formerly Canntoon Island, this is probably the best substitute for the Drum Beats Forum. This is where you are most likely to find me.

NOTE: You cannot link directly to the Pulptoon forum. This link takes you to the Pulptoon.com main site. To get to the forum, click on "The Forum" button in the button bar near the top of the page.

Dolcett Girls Forum

The name Dolcett is almost synonymous with gynophagia cannibal fetishes. There is a lot more here than just cannibalism, but for those that prefer the edgier, rougher stuff, this is the place for you.

Consult the Cookbook For Cannibals links page for more.

The Old FAQ

Why have another WE/Vore forum?

A fair question, and one that has been very much on my mind. For what would appear to be such a rare interest, there sure seem to be a lot of discussion forums devoted to it. One for nearly every different variation. This is yet another variation. Use of this board is totally optional. My hope and goal is for this board to play host to the more erotic-oriented and less S&M oriented cannibal fantasy discussions. For the soft-vore/furry/swallowing fetishes there is Big-Gulp and Dark Fiction. For the more hard-edged "snuff" oriented interests there is Anthropophagi and the Dolcett forums. This forum allows for a more middle ground for "cannibals." Swallowing posts or harder edged cannibalism posts will not be prohibited unless they step over the line of legality or taste. Just don't complain about posts that are in line with the intent of this board.


Why have so many rules and restrictions?

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible not to have them. There is ample evidence on other boards to show that a "no restrictions" policy just doesn't work. There is always some idiot who has to prove how unevolved he is, or has to push the limits of what is legal. Believe me, the so-called "christian" right, "femi-nazi" crusaders and republican do-gooders would like nothing more than to silence the internet and anyone with any kind of a different idea along with it. Rabble-rousing, limit-pushing yahoos really don't help the situation any.


What are the rules?

Quite simply, the rules are: No Spam, No Kids, No Floods, No Ads. Have fun, respect other peoples fun, and act like an adult. Children, childish behavior and Trolls are not welcome here. I reserve the right to delete any posts I think are inappropriate or that violate these rules. Deliberate or repeated offenders I can and will ban from posting here.


What do you mean by "No Spam"?

"No Spam" means no off topic posts, and especially no off topic advertising. If you have on topic advertising, meaning advertising that is of interest to the topic of this board, that is not restricted. Posting of hardcore porn or "snuff" pics that are not related to the topic of this board are also included in the definition of "spam." For posting of pics of particularly yummy girls, see the "No Floods" rule.


What do you mean by "No Kids"?

"No Kids" means "No Kids", and "Kids" means under 18. I really don't care what the rules are where you come from. This is an American board on an American server, and US guidelines apply. Pics of children will be deleted immediately and will get the poster banned from this board. For text stories involving teenagers, the limit is 16. I really don't want to debate what is legal and what isn't. I refuse to play host to pedophiles. If you disagree, that is your right. Start your own board and allow whatever you want. Otherwise, this is my board and these are my rules. Deal.

"No Kids" also means that this is a board for Adults Only. If you are under 18, go play somewhere else. This also includes adults who may be older than 18, but insist on behaving like children. This is a forum for adults. Act like one.


What do you mean by "No Floods"?

"Floods" are multiple posts of messages or binaries. If you have a story to post in multiple parts, that is not a flood. If you post a dozen different stories in multiple parts all at the same time, that is a flood. If you decide to post all of Dolcett's works all at once, that is also a flood. Needless to say, posting the entire catalog of shaved beaver pics from www.shaved-beavers.com (no, I don't know if there is really such a place, I am talking examples here) is also a flood (not to metion a violation of the "no spam" rule) and is mostly what I am talking about here. Such posts should either be put on a website or taken to the appropriate usenet newsgroup. Don't flood this board!


What do you mean by "No Ads"?

 "Does anybody wanna do me for real?" I could go on with yet other examples, but if you have half a brain you get the idea. The Woman Eater forum rules say it very well: No advertising for persons to participate in ritual or violent acts.


I think that should just about do it. I don't know how to be more clear than that. We'll see, I guess.