The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies



The first of the Italian versions of George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" concept. The dead come to life to eat the living on an island, which makes escape rather difficult.



Rita Jenrettes, ex-wife of one of the congressmen indicted in the Abscam scandal, is featured in this film about murder on a Caribbean vacation. The film starts out with the obligatory shower scene (but no murder occurs, yet) and then quickly moves to a sex scene. From then on we see a voodoo ceremony for tourists, a stranded bus, and a tour guide of questionable motives. Then the murders start occurring so fast it will make you dizzy. The only house to be found on the island appears to be uninhabited, and the books on the bookshelf are all about cannibalism. Rita is afraid that the local natives are cannibals. No such luck. The movie quickly turns into miami vice after that and everyone seems to forget that this is supposed to be a horror movie. The only saving grace of this confusing mess is Rita's boobs.