The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




aka I Cannibali (original title)

Liliana Cavani, Doria 1970 (Italy)

Although this movie sounds great, It is as much about cannibals as is "All the Fine Young Cannibals." In other words, not at all. A surreal film about political horrors.


You Are What You Eat!, tasteful Canadian porn



Taboo Distribution, Montreal Canada

Get this: a Canadian porn! I didn't know there was Canadian porn! Stands to reason, I suppose. Montreal, where this was produced, has some of the best strip houses in North America and certainly some of the sexiest ladies. But Canadian porn is pretty rare in general, at least when compared to US porn. The box cover and poster of this, as well as the title, offers the promise of some cannibalistic fun. Unfortunately, inside it's pretty much just standard porn. This sort of thing makes the news in Montreal.



Kris Carr, Bad Taste Pictures 2019

A bunch of kids go on a camping trip to a remote forest. A stranger serves them burgers that unbeknownst to them are made from human flesh. When the kids eat the people burgers a monster is summoned that hunts them through the woods. Pretty format horror movie stuff for the most part.

Zombies think plastic surgery patients are Yummy


Lars Damoiseaux, 10.80 Films 2019 (Belgium)

A Belgian zombie movie filmed mostly in an abandoned hospital. Taglines include "Facelifts, Boob Jobs and Zombies" and "Human flesh never tasted so good". A young man takes his girlfriend and his mother to a hospital so that the girlfriend can have breast reduction surgery and the mother can get a facelift. While there he discovers and gagged woman strapped to a gurney in an abandoned part of the hospital. When he rescues her he unleashes a pandora's box of zombies and monsters bent on eating the rest of the patients and guests. The result is a lot of gore and a little bit of boobs.