The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




A movie about a coven of witches who practice cannibalism as part of their rituals. Laurie Walters of "Eight is Enough" is the intended main ingredient in the witches stew. Kind of a "Hansel and Gretel" from Hell which could have been more appropriately titled "Enough is Enough."



A bunch of Chinese bad-guys hide out in a city full of Chinese cannibals. Bad idea! Another chinese copy of the Italian chunk-blower cinema.



Jean-Luc Goddard

An allegory on the collapse of society represented by continuous, fiery car wrecks. Frequent flashes of text help the story along. "This film was found on a garbage heap." says one of them. A middle-aged couple take a week-end holiday road trip amid the wreckage, with various odd experiences along the way. They get picked up by a band of heavily armed revolutionaries, who are also cannibals. A couple of wreck survivors, including a young girl, are turned into barbecue and stew in a scene that has to be seen to be believed. In fact, I saw it and I still don't believe it. In French, but there is a version with English sub-titles.



aka Tender Flesh

This is supposed to be about a guy who lives near Santa Barbara whose hobby is picking up transient girls and eating them. Unfortunately, it is cut so badly that you never really know what is going on. Meg Foster stars in an incredible waste of time and film.



Jonathan Hensleigh, 2007

Four whiney yuppies go into the New Guinea jungles to search for Michael Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Rockefeller who disappeared in 1960 and was presumed eaten by cannibals. This movie is a lame attempt to be another Blair Witch Project but fails to create the suspense of that movie, instead just being tedious. Yeah, the yuppies get found by the cannibals whle the camera mostly shows nothing but dark frames. This could have been fun, but it wasn't.



Necro Videos

A rare cannibal fetish video released by amateur/indie video producers Necro Videos, relelased back to back with "Chelsea as the Main Course." This is a short self-preparation video in which blonde Renee has just gotten a new cannibal cookbook (A Cookbook For Cannibals, maybe?) and wants to try out one of the recipes on... herself! She calls up her girlfriends and invites them over for a big dinner, then she strips down, jumps up onto a baking sheet and starts oiling and salting herself. Nothing much happens after that. No cooking and no guests arrive. The dinner party is left to the viewers imagination, but there's is a bit to feed it.



William Beaudine, 1936 (UK)

Charlatan ship's Captain Ben Cutlet (Will Hay) whose real sailing experience extends to navigating coal barges on the Thames finds himself in command of a real sailing vessel in the South Pacific where he has a run-in with a tribe of island cannibals. Captain Ben is able to control the natives with his magic "Voice In Box" (a radio). A typical comedy of the era.


Eurpoean poster for Franco's White Cannibal Queen



aka Cannibal Massacre

Jess Franco

A Spanish attempt at an Italian cannibal epic which works very well. A family in the South American jungles are beset by cannibals who eat the mother, wound the father and kidnap the young daughter to become their white goddess. The father spends the next ten years searching for the girl ala "The Emerald Forest." This particular cannibal tribe appears to have a special taste for young white women (with the curious exception of their "white goddess"). Hence, a nice helping of sex and nudity gets served up with the blood and gore.



Actually an Italian sex farce about some young cavemen separated from their mother and the rest of their tribe and growing up alone, not seeing any other human beings. While out hunting one day, the catch Senta Berger, a cavewoman with a tail (Women had tails then see) and they don't know what she is. While they've got her on the spit ready for roasting, she spits the apple out of her mouth and convinces them that women have better uses than eating. There were two sequels, called "When Women Lost Their Tails" and "When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding Dong."



aka Amazonia

A non-cannibal film advertised as a cannibal movie. A white girl in south america is purportedly kidnapped by a tribe of cannibals who murder her parents and she must marry one of the warriors or become his next meal. What really happens is that her parents are killed by white land developers who blame the HEADHUNTERS (not cannibals at all). The best part of this film is the picture on the videocassette box.



Henry Lehrman, 20th Century Fox, 1928

Why Sailors Go Wrong was directed by Henry "Pathe" Lehrmann, whose comedy technique hadn't changed much since his days with the Keystone studios. Sammy Cohen and Ted McNamara play a pair of silly sailors, the best friends of hero Nick Stuart. In love with wealthy Sally Phipps, Stuart has been forbidden any contract with the girl by her domineering father. Daddy ships Phipps off in the family yacht, with Cohen and McNamara at the controls, while Stuart sneaks on board. The yacht is shipwrecked on a desert island, chock-full of hungry cannibals. Stuart rescues Phipps from the natives, proving himself a worthy potential husband, while Cohen and McNamara contend with a mischievous monkey. The film's "high point" finds the two comedy-relief gobs feeding an alligator castor oil so that the huge reptile will cough up their life savings.



James Coco is a fading silent film star staging a party in his Hollywood home for his new comeback picture. Raquel Welch is his consort and "discovery." In the movie within a movie, Coco plays a Father Junipero Serra type priest who is captured by cannibals in Africa, in a scene which is pure Cannibal Comedy Cliche. Everyone thinks the scene doesn't belong in the movie, but Coco doesn't want to hear it.



In Dire Straights Productions (WAVE/IDS) 2003

Pamela Sutch is a proper business woman dressed in a proper business suit and glasses that does not quite hide the sexy lingerie and garters underneath. Taking a relaxing lunch break in a park, she is snatched by a wicked witch (played by Laura Giglio in a witch mask and gloves). Pam is bound, stripped, milked, and cooked in a pot (actually a large metal tub). Very well done (pardon the pun) and sexy for a WAVE video. There is a sequel, Witch's Feast 2, that is pretty much more of the same with the same actors and same characters. Completists will want both, but if only buying one, get the first one and not the second one.


A redhead eating plant plays the title role in The Woman Eater



OK, so it's not really a cannibal movie - but it does have jungle natives, a mad scientist and a cannibal woman eating plant! It seems the plant is worshipped by the natives and whenever they feed a young beauty to it the gourmet vegetation produces a valuable drug. Watch the evil plant eat a really tasty redhead. This movie is the namesake of a website, forum, and an entire internet community, so it gets an honorable mention.



aka Escape, Savage Island

I love the title. I have seen quite a few women's prison films such as "Amazon Jail", "Women in Fury" and "Escape from Blood Plantation" which feature women's prisons in remote jungle locations. These films are always titillatingly exciting. This is actually a boring cheapie originally called "Escape", and re-released in the mid-eighties as "Savage Island" with a few cut in scenes featuring Linda Blair. There are no cannibals in it anywhere.



Bruce Dern and Adam Ant star in yet another post-apocalypse science-fiction/horror thriller. After Nuclear War has destroyed civilization, water has become a rare and precious commodity. With food mighty scarce as well, bands of nomads and mutants have turned to cannibalism for survival. Bruce Dern's village has a working well with lots of water, and Adam Ant's religious fanatic cult wants it, and will do anything to get it. Another entry in a sub-genre which has itself become something of a cliche.



Rob Schmidt, 20th Century Fox 2003

Wrong Turn, Wrong Turn 2, Wrong Turn 3... I will review them all here since they are all essentially the same movie anyway. In fact, they are the same movie as about a dozen (or more) other movies that have different titles and different actors but the same script. Eliza Dushku and a bunch of college students go into some woods where a bunch of crazy inbred Sawney Bean style cannibals live and have lots of blood dripping all over everything that they own, including themselves. The cannibals want to eat Eliza. Who wouldn't? Who cares? Somebody write a new horror movie script. This one is getting old.