The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Filip Halo, Macabro Films 2007 (Greece)

A Greek short film about an actor and guitar teacher that is obsessed with pussy, that is, a woman's vagina. He writes a one-man play called "Pussy" and his studio walls are covered with photos of, well, pussy. His guitar students all seem to be pretty young women and he seduces them all, developing a taste for eating, well, pussy. But when this guy eats pussy, he doesn't just lick. He actually eats pussy! Strangely enough, the young ladies still seem to enjoy it. In Greek with English subtitles.


Alexander Ray, Motion Picture Institute 2015 (short)

A comedy short about a police officer goes in search of his wife who has been kidnapped by cannibalistic tikis. The tikis are guys in tiki masks and grass skirts.

Voodoo Soup Lewolt

A notably amateurish poster for Voodoo Soup


Greg Lewolt 1994

Speaking as an independent filmmaker, this movie is quite a feat. Shot on film in Santa Barbara with a cast of beautiful starlets (mostly from the porn industry), including Taylor Wayne, and edited on film the old fashioned way with synched sound, this production was no small accomplishment. Unfortunately, it seems to be lacking any kind of a coherent story. Auteur Greg Lewolt plays "Chef", a cannibal cook who concocts delicacies made with blood and body parts for the local vampire and werewolf population. Going to Africa to look for herbs, he is captured by a cannibal tribe who are just about to cook him when they notice his union badge. He invites the cannibal tribe to come to California where the hunting is better and returning first he falls in love with the vampire-cannibal princess and helps his private-eye buddy to defeat the vampires who are his best customers. The cannibal tribe never shows up and it turns out he was cooking with beef all along. I will admit, though, I actually did like it. A few good splosh scenes for the wet-and-messy fetishists and lots of naked girls, but if you're looking for an interesting plot it might be best to look elsewhere.