The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Michael Johnson, Nightmare Productions 1998

A trilogy of cannibal stories written mostly by amateur internet authors. The first episode titled, "Weekend In The City" is based on "Weekend In The Country" by D. E. Russell. The second, "Trick Or Treat" is based on the short story of the same name by author, "KM". The final is an edited down version of another Nightmare Productions video, "Meats Meat and Man's Gotta Eat." Not bad, but not great.

Mary Tam Luau 

Kim Novak gets served some roast Mary Tamm in Tales That Witness Madness


Freddie Frances, World Film Services 1973

A series of video vignettes telling the bizarre stories of some patients in a mental institution. In one of them a Prince from some Banana Republic island must perform a secret ritual in which he must kill and eat a virgin white girl (Mary Tamm, who later played Romana the female Time Lord companion of Tom Baker's Dr. Who) in the presence of her mother (Kim Novak), to please his island god. His intended victim's unwitting mother makes it very easy and as a result, ends up in the asylum. Actually pretty good. Other stories involve a pennyfarthing bicycle time machine and a man in love with a tree.




Guido Malatesta, Romana Film 1969

"She swings through the jungle as naked as the animals." An early seventies sexy send-up of the Tarzan/Trader Horn story. Apparently there were scenes of a white girl captured (and undressed) by a tribe of african cannibals, but these scenes have been cut from the only available version of this film.



W.P. Mogul, Pandora Productions 1970

A 1970 jungle porn flick that spoofs the Tarzan cliche. Tarzun (so named to avoid being sued by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, no doubt) and Jayne live in the Valley of Lust, which is really probably somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. Tarzun is constantly coming to the rescue of Jayne who is constantly being carried off and raped by a horney gorilla. Tarzun sooths Jayne's sore pussy with a banana (i think you get the idea how) and then last a little jungle lust with her himself. It's not long until the gorilla carries Jayne off again and Tarzun is off to the rescue again, only this time the cannibals get to Jayne first. They capture not only Jayne, but Tarzun and the gorilla, too! The cannibals take them and tie them up and do a dance around them. Then they all go into the hut. Then they come out of the hut, untie Tarzun and Jayne, take them over by the hut and tie them up there. They dance around them for a little while and then go back inside the hut. Then they come back out, untie the duo, take them back to where they were tied up before and tie them up again. Then they go back in the hut. That's when the sexy native girl and the horny gorilla come to the rescue. This could have been fun if the writers (or whoever was making the story line up as they shot it) had any idea for a story for this thing.


Alex Lightman, Cannibal Films 2015 (UK)

Another low-budget post-apocalypse film finds two brothers that turn to cannibalism to survive. Complications occur when they capture a young woman, possibly the last living female, and both fall for their prospective dinner.



Joey Gosiengfiao, Regal Films 1980 (Philippines)

A Filipino made movie (in Tagalog) about five young girls, all beauty contest finalists, shipwrecked on an island who must struggle for survival. Lacking for food, they turn to cannibalism when one of their companions doesn't make it. It has been called "The funniest, wittiest Filipino film ever". I don't know if that was intentional. The film was remade in 2011, apparently without the cannibalism ending.


A rather misleading poster/flyer for Franco's Tender Flesh



Jess Franco, One Shot Productions 1997 (Spain)

Pretty much a remake of Franco's "The Perverse Countess," this one has the same basic plot of a young girl invited to a private island resort where she provides sexual entertainment for the owner and his guests. The girl is later surprised to find that she is to be the quarry at a hunt. The ending is a bit disappointing, although a roasted woman (with a carrot in her mouth) is served at the after hunt feast. Amber Newman plays the girl in the Lina Romay role from the original and an older Lina Romay plays the Countess owner of the island. Franco and Romay met Amber at the 1996 Chiller Theater convention in New Jersey and immediately cast her in this flick. Amber had previously worked for B+ Productions in such direct-to-video indies as "Vamps" and "Evil Ambitions." She was at the con promoting those movies for B+. Amber is not the woman served at the feast.



Louis Ferriol, Carlson International/Vidimax 1985

Vidimax was a short-lived "underground video society" which specialized in this sort of custom made melodrama and fetish-oriented sleaze. This is about a young girl who is picked up by a band of cannibalistic satanists who keep her prisoner in a mental "hospital" and torture her to make her ready for a sacrifice. This sacrifice includes medical experiments and cannibalism. Her legs are roasted on a little outdoor barbecue while she's still alive. Actually not too bad for something as cheap, shlocky and poorly acted (by all except the main character) as the stuff put out by Vidimax, and probably stands as their best effort.


Cannibals dispatch their dinner's boyfriend in Terrors From The Clit 2



Slain Wayne, Extreme Associates

"Extreme Porn" was a one time trend in adult entertainment. These videos attempt to push the limits of both legality and taste. The "Terrors from the Clit" series by Slain Wayne of Extreme Associates introduces horror elements into porn, complete with gory (though silly) special effects. TFTC2 includes an episode entitled "Cannible [sic] Jungle Porno," a Blair Witch Project spoof about a group that goes into a jungle to make a porn video and are attacked by a tribe of cannibals. Killing all of the males (except the cameraman) the cannibals capture and rape the sexy blonde star. After the sex, the cannibals drag her behind a rock and cut off her head (off screen) and then go after the camera man. Other episodes include Satanic Mechanics, Vampire Slayers and a possessed blow-up sex doll. Movies such as this one (and especially Cannibalism: The Last Supper) resulted in some serious persecution by the Bush Administration for Extreme Associates.



Tobe Hooper, Vortex 1974

The original slasher/horror classic. This film is another to be inspired by the exploits of psycho killer Ed Gein. Like Ed, Leatherface likes to dress in the skins of his victims. Like Ed, the family butcher and eat their victims. While this film is tame compared to the cannibalistic horrors the Italian Chunk Blowers such as "Cannibal Ferox," it is still a frightening and bloody experience. There were two sequels which are pretty much more of the same, but neither lives up to the original.



Michael Bay, Platinum Dunes; Marcus Nispel 2003

This 2004 remake of the original Tobe Hooper classic stars the luscious Jessica Biel. The cannibalism subtext from the original is conspicuously missing from this one.



Jonathan Liebesman, New Line 2006

Yet another remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this is a prequel to the TCM movie series and is supposed to provide a history and background to the cannibalistic family based loosely on Ed Gein. Young Hannibal, Meet Young Leatherface.



Vin Moore, Universal 1931

The Cohens and the Kellys was a series of Carl Laemmle produced Universal comedies in the early days of talkies. They starred George Sidney and Vera Gordon ans the Cohens and Charles Murray and Kate Price as the Kellys. In this entry in the series, the Cohens and the Kellys go to Africa in search of ivory for piano keys. The women are abducted by Gorillas while the men and captured by cannibals. Much confusion ensues until the ladies and their men are reunited. In comedies of the era, cannibals were pretty much obligatory whenever travelling to Africa.



aka Blood Fiend

Samuel Gallu, Pennea Productions Ltd. 1967

This should really be more properly classed as a vampire movie than a cannibal movie. It even stars Christopher Lee, famous for his frequent portrayal of Count Dracula in many Hammer horror films. The action revolves around a Grand Guignol theater run by Lee, and one of the important acts involves a rather risque Cannibal dance act. As such, it barely qualifies to be on this list, but is fun anyway.



John McTiernan, Michael Crichton, Touchstone Pictures 1999

Antonio Banderas stars in this movie based on Michael Crichton's, "Eaters Of The Dead." Loosely based on the Viking Windigo legend, the cannibalism in the movie has been downplayed.


Erin Lee Carr, HBO Documentary Films 2015

A documentary concerning the case and trial of "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle who was accused of planning online to kidnap, murder and eat women including his wife and their friends. Includes interviews with his legal team as well as prosecutors, various legal scholars, people in the online BDSM community and transcripts of some of his online chats and messages as well as with Valle himself while in prison. Valle's defense was that it all was fantasy and that he never intended to carry out any of the things he had talked about. While Valle was convicted at his trial the conviction was later overturned by a judge as Valle had never actually done any of the things he was convicted of and that thoughts were not criminal. Valle currently is a published writer of violent horror fiction.


301, 302

Cheol-Su Park, Park Chul-So Films 1995 (South Korea)

A Korean film about two single women living in adjacent apartments. The woman in apartment 301 is obsessed with food and with cooking. She was divorced by her husband when, feeling sexually frustrated, she cooks her husbands dog. Cooking more than she can eat, she takes food to her neighbor in apartment 302. The woman in 302 is also obsessed with food, but in the opposite way. The gifts of food from 301 quickly go into the garbage, followed by the apartment's occupant running to the toilet to vomit. To her, food is also equated with sex and she can tolerate neither. As the women begin to become friends, their stories unfold; one about a loveless marriage, the other about a tormented childhood and a monstrous father. The obsessions culminate with 301 cooking 302 in a final feast they both can enjoy. I thought only Italian films got this weird.



William Girdler, Studio 1 Productions 1972

Another tale inspired by the Ed Gein story. In this one, Mom's still around and pulling the strings while junior kills pretty girls for her din-din and leaves them "hanging around" in the barn. Much like "Welcome to Arrow Beach", be careful not to blink when the barn door is opened, otherwise you might miss it.


A Morlock selects his lunch in The Time Machine



George Pal, George Pal Productions 1960

Several film versions of this H. G. Wells story have been made, but the best known stars Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux. A Victorian era inventor builds a time machine which takes him to a future where the human race has been divided into two species following the destruction of society in a nuclear war. The Eloi live an almost garden of eden lifestyle devoid of technology while the animalistic Morlocks live below ground where they still operate machinery. When an air-raid siren calls a group of Eloi, including his love interest Weena, into the Morlocks underground caves, the traveller discovers that the Morlock are cannibals who are breeding the Eloi as a food source. He decides that he must save his love interest Weena from the slaughterhouse and educate the Eloi to fight back and care for themselves. The movie won an Oscar in 1960 for special effects. There was also an awful 1978 made-for-television version which featured Priscilla Barnes as Weena as well as a lot more skin, but it doesn't help much.



Simon Wells, Dreamworks 2002

DreamWorks remake of the H.G. Wells classic with cannibalistic cave dwelling Morlocks preying on the docile surface dwelling Eloi. Here the story is much more abridged than in previous versions. The Weena character is played by sexy Irish singer/actress Samantha Mumba who brings more sexuality and intelligence to the role. The time machine itself is a stunning effect, but the subplot about the moon exploding is preposterous and the opportunity to exploit the Morlock's cannibalism is missed. Worth a rent.



Federico Curiel, Estudios America 1963 (Mexico)

German "Tin-Tan" Valdez returns as the Tarzan-like "El Hombre Mono." A professor and his lovely young daughter are searching for the treasure of the Temple of Solomon in the African jungle, but it's a trap set by a tribe of cannibals to capture and eat them. Tin-Tan the Monkey Man who is romancing the chief's daughter convinces the cannibals to delay eating them and represents them at a trial in which the tribe will decide to "Comermos o no comermos la Carne Blanca." Tin-Tan can't decide whether to fall in love with the Professor's daughter or with the Cannibal Princess, but he has a lot of fun making up his mind. Another Mexican "Tin-Tan" spoof, this funny and slightly sexy comedy is very watchable, despite being in Spanish.



Gilberto Martinez Solares, Producciones Cinematograficas Valdes 1965 (Mexico)

Mexican comic actor German "Tin-Tan" Valdez does it again in another Spanish language spoof. This time Tin-Tan lampoons "Robinson Crusoe" in his inimitable style. Shipwrecked on an island with wild animals, cannibals and a sexy Mermaid, Tin-Tan saves his reluctant cannibal lady love from a band of smugglers and reforms the tribe, after just one last cookout, that is.



aka El sopar soc jo

Sergi Rubio, 1997 (Spain)

After winessing multiple crimes, a woman flags down a car on the road. The car is driven by a young, wealthy man who tells her he will take care of her. He takes her to his home and offers her a bath and a change of clothes. Soon guests begin to arrive for a party and the change of clothes she is given is a bridal gown. She soon discovers that her gallant host intends to offer her to his guests as the main course at a dinner party.


Mark Young, Morningstar Films 2007

Releaed as part of the "After Dark Horrorfest" DVD series this is another "post apocalypse" tale of survivors fighting for survival in a world where civilization has collapsed. While most apocalyptic events in such movies are nuclear holocausts or cataclysmic natural events, this is about the aftermath of the world running out of oil and unable to produce energy. A group of survivors led by Robert Carradine live in an abandoned Philadelphia hospital and are attacked by a cannibalistic band called the Rovers. Nothing really ever happens in this movie. There are long shots of buildings and of people walking down halls. There are long build-ups to scenes that never happen, characters vanish without explaination and when the final battle happens, it is pretty much a cakewalk because the Rovers are drugged and don't fught back. Lacking in typical horror film exploitation such as sex and gore, but also lacking in any real suspense or scares. Seems a waste of time.


Butcher shop scene from The Toy Box


Ron Garcia, Pacific International Enterprises 1971

Surrealistic and psychedelic sex films were common in the sexual revolution of the sixties, and this is probably one of the strangest. "Uncle" is a strange character who stages parties for selected guests. These parties are orgies of wild abandon where pretty much anything goes. Now it appears that "Uncle" is dead, and his wake promises to be the wildest party ever. The debauchery includes two female lions who "devour" a naked, chained girl, and a cannibal butcher having sex with a "dead" girl in a steaming pot. But is Uncle really dead? That would be telling too much.


Reza Badiyi, MGM Studios 1973

Trader Horn was one of the first jungle adventure movies and included a 1931 version with Harry Carey and Edwina Booth, and this 1973 remake that actually had little to do with the original story. Rod Taylor starts as Trader Horn escorting redhead British actress Anne Heywood through the African jungle searching for platinum. The movie starts with a controversial scene where an elephant is shot. The only cannibal reference in the movie is one scene where the group is entering the territory of a tribe that watches them from the surrounding jungle. When Anne Heywood asks "What are they doing?" Rod Taylor answers, "Looking at you mostly." When Anne then asks, "Me? Why" Horn replies, "They're cannibals!"

Pressbook poster for Trader Hornee



aka Legend of the Golden Goddess

David Friedman, Entertainment Ventures Inc. 1970

An early sexploitational X-rated romp produced by David Friedman's Entertainment Ventures, Inc. It's about private investigator Hamilton Hornee (the e's are silent) who is hired to look for an heiress who was lost in the jungles of Africa as a child. He and his traveling companions (who include several nubile wenches, all redheads) are eventually captured by the feared Meshpoka tribe, who is now ruled by the blonde white goddess, Algona. Nearly every jungle movie cliche is parodied, but while the Meshpoka (a yiddish word meaning unwelcome guests) do have a large black pot (with a skull and cross-bones painted on it) in the center of their village, they show no other cannibalistic tendencies. Full of ribald humor and 60's contemporary references, this is one of Friedman's best efforts ever, and a classic of it's kind.



Elkan Allan, Magnum Video 1992

Videotape excerpts from the actual trial of the Wisconsin homosexual cannibal serial killer. Dahmer's cannibalism made him far more infamous than this case would have been if he had just simply murdered his victims and dumped the bodies in the lake. This case was perfect for exploitation. Horror writers couldn't make this stuff up.



Claire Dennis, Arte Fance Cinema 2001 (France)

This French made film, done in the Italian Giallo style, was a surprise hit at Cannes in 2001. With dialog in French and English and a hard to follow plot, it is about a kinky couple who take their proclivities for oral sex a little too literally. The woman devours her lovers alive while having sex with them praying mantis style (literally eating her lover's face off in one scene), and when the man eats pussy, he literally eats pussy! The reults are messy and bloody.



Insex 2003

A BDSM Fetish porn video produced by the INSEX website, this is an elaborate production about a group of three women bound and hunted like animals. They are taken down by non-lethal weapons and two of them are made to roast the third over a fire. A very eleaborate roasting apparateis is set up to turn the woman over the fire. The fire is real and the smoke from it stings one of the women's eyes visably while they turn the crank. The skin of the woman being roasted visably reddens from the heat of the smoldering fire under her as she is turned over it. She is basted in butter and barbecue sauce with an applue in her mouth and part of the "spit" apparatus in her vagina as she is turned on the rotisserie. This is not something you see every day, even in BDSM porn. It was only ever available as a download for INSEX members. Something to see!



Herschel Gordon Lewis, Friedman-Lewis Productions 1964

From the master of the "roughie" Herschel Gordon Lewis, this film can best be described as "Brigadoon from Hell." A small confederate town massacred by yankees in the Civil War returns after 100 years to wreak revenge on the "nawthun" passers-by. The tourists are tortured to death in various nasty ways and one pretty young lady ends up as the "makins for a bar-b-q." A definite classic despite the ultra-cheap production values.


Southern style barbecue in 2001 Maniacs



Tim Sullivan, Raw Nerve 2005

Robert Englund ("Freddy Kruger" of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series) stars in this remake of the Herschel Gordon Lewis classic.  The film is both a modern updating of the classic "roughie" horror flick while remaining a faithful hommage to the original. The cannibalistic elements of the original are played up to a greater extent in the remake, but little of it is on-screen. The film also revels in very un-PC racial humor. The black character in the film is constantly being offered watermelons, and when he asks "Where do the black folks hang out around here?" he is told, "from that tree yonder." When he eventually meets his death, it is on a cotton press. Sexy actress Gina-Marie Heekin as Kat ("as in Pussy") is the first to be killed in a scene inspired by the horse tattoo on her butt. The tattoo is later seen again being unwittingly eaten by her former boyfriend at dinner. Other scenes include a live spitting and death by juggs (both of moonshine and the other kind). Done for gore and dark humor there are no nude death scenes or on-screen cooking. Industry cameos abound, including Johnny Legend as a strolling minstrel and country singer Travis Trit. I think HG Lewis would be pleased, and rumors are that his one-time partner David Friedman has given it the thumbs up.