The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Frank Agrama, Dexter Film London 1976

A softcore pastiche to King Kong, this 1970s British film stars Rula Lenska as a filmmaker making a jungle adventure movie on South Pacific Island about a mancaptured by a tribe of women cannibals who try to cook him in he pot. The problem is, the actor is too gay to be convincing, so she goes back to England to find a better leading man. When they return to the island, the plot is further complicated when a giant female gorilla falls in love with her new star. Monty Python this is not.



Jean-Jacques Annaud, International Cinema Corporation 1982

A beautifully done adventure film about a tribe of prehistoric cave people who, when attacked and driven out of their home by Neanderthals, lose their fire. Since they don't know how to make it, Everett McGill and Ron Pearlman are sent on a quest to find new fire and bring it back. They face many perils en-route, including the cannibal K'zamm tribe, from whom they save Rae Dawn Chong from becoming the next mornings (undoubtedly delectable) breakfast! A member of the more advanced Ivaka tribe, Rae shows them the secret of making fire and everyone lives happily ever after.


aka The Wishing Forest

Jadzia Perez, iDiC Entertainment 2018

A beautiful widow goes on a quest to find a magical wish-granting unicorn that lives in a forest infested bad monster makeup wearing cannibals. Magic fairy tale fantasy meets gory horror.