The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




aka Jungle Treasure

Maclean Rogers, 1951 (UK)

The "O" section finally gets a movie listing! Irish Washerwoman Old Mother Riley is a man in drag, played by British actor Arthur Lucan. The character is probably best known to American audiences for his/her appearance in the Italian comedy "My Son The Vampire" that spoofed British Hammer Horror Vampire movies and even starred Christopher Lee as Dracula and featured a novelty theme song performed by Allan Sherman. In this film in the series, Old Mother Riley runs an antique shop and the ghost of a dead pirate appears to her to show her a map that she has in the shop that shows the location of his treasure. Taking her daughter (Athur Lucan's then recently ex-wife Kitty McShane) to the island they trapse through the jungle in search of the treasure, which is guarded by a cannibal tribe. What follows is the typical racist comedy gags of the era, but nobody ever ends up in a pot.