The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Sean Donahue, Gatorblade Films 2020

They're campers, they're naked, they're cannibals. Actually, some campers go to a lake where they meet some crazy women, who get naked and then kill and eat them. So... blood and naked people. There you go.



Cornel Wilde, Sven Persson Films 1966 (South Africa)

This African Adventure/Thriller is supposedly based on a true story about a trapper and a tribe of Blackfoot Indians, but shooting in South Africa it was easier to change it around to an African tribe. Cornel Wilde is one of a group of men on Safari in Africa when one of the party offends a native tribe. The cannibal tribe kills all of the men except for Wilde, who is stripped naked and hunted by the warriors. Contains the scene of one of the men encased in clay and roasted over a fire. This scene was repeated in the "Abyss" episode of "Xena: Warrior Princess" where Gabrielle is captured by a cannibal tribe and almost shared the same fate.



aka Savage Islands

Ferdinand Fairfax, Phillips Whitehouse Productions 1983

A swashbuckling adventure starring Tommy Lee Jones as privateer "Bully" Hayes. He teams up with Nate to rescue Jenny Seagrove who was kidnapped by a German Bad Guy and a slaver just as she was about to marry Nate. The search takes them to a remote island where the German gives Jenny to a cannibal chief in exchange for use of the island as a military base. This chief is not much of a cannibal, though. He ignores the obvious culinary benefits of miss Seagrove and opts to sacrifice her to the island's volcano god. Will Nate and Hayes arrive in time to rescue her from her fate? What do you think?



Donald Crisp, Buster Keaton, Buster Keaton Productions 1924

A classic silent by one of the great comic geniuses and pioneers of American cinema, this films ranks with Keaton's landmark film "The General." The major part of this film takes place aboard a derelict steamship on which Keaton and a young woman are cast adrift alone. The ship eventually drifts near the shore of a South Pacific island inhabited by a tribe of cannibals. The cannibals attack the boat and carry Buster's leading lady back to their village, and Buster must come up with an innovative way to singlehandedly save her from the stewpot!



George Romero, Image Ten 1968

The original Zombie Cannibal horror flick. Radiation from a crashed space probe revives the dead. The reanimated corpses are hungry for the flesh of the living. Best line - "Yeah, they're dead, they're ... all messed up". A true classic. There were two sequels: "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead" which pick up where the first movie leaves off. There was also a 1992 remake done by Romero and Tom Savini. "Dawn of the Dead" in particular is recognized as a true classic of splatter horror.



Mathias Dinter, Constantin Film 2007 (Germany)

A German made horror/comedy about three high school "dorks" dealing with the usual issues of populatiry and unrequited love that are the typical elements of this sort of movie. Philip has a bad case of infatuation with Ushi, the popular blonde who doesn't tolerate "losers" and is (naturally) the girfriend of the head rugby jock. His next door neighbor has joined the goth clique and stolen the ashes of a real African zombie. Philip wants the goths to help him put a love spell on Ushi, but instead he and his friends Konrad and Weener end up getting doused with the zombie ashes and turned into zombies themselves. Now members of the undead, they kick the crap out of the jocks at the rugby game, causing Ushi to dump the jock for Philip. The only problem is that now Philip would rather eat Ushi than have sex with her. The goth girl has the answer, but she is looking mighty tasty, too. Meanwhile, Konrad likes being a zombie and is using his new power to exact revenge on everyone who has wronged or bullied him. While very derivative of movies like "My Boyfriend's Back" and "Boy Eats Girl", this one is entertaining and very watchable. A little more nudity would have helped. Ushi provides the films only nudity in a very brief scene and while Konrad seems to enjoy being a cannibalistic zombie, Philip and Weener manage to avoid chowing down on any of their teachers or classmates.



Joel M. Reed, 1981

Porn star Jamie Gillis encounters a platoon of Nazi zombies who need to eat human flesh to keep from rotting too much. He infiltrates their numbers and they don't notice. Sure.



SV Bell, SVBI Films, Canada 2005

This Canadian made independent horror flick shows that they don't do 'em any better in Canada than we do down here. Two hot blondes and their psychic brunette sister (also prety hot) prey on men ala Eating Raoul and dump the leftovers into a toxic waste dump. Surprise! The toxic waste makes the body parts reanimate into a mad zombie Frankenstein that comes back looking for revenge. Silly looking gore and bad cgi effects don't save the derivative plot. No nudity. I mean, none at all. Sigh.


Gangsta Rap meets Horror/Comedy in Now Eat



Kerry Williams, Brotha Lynch Hung, 2000

Gangsta Rap Horror in movie format from rapper Brotha Lynch Hung. Lyrics about murder and mayhem are nothing new in gangsta rap music, but cannibalism is a bit less common. In this movie of an album, Brotha Lynch Hung puts his lyrics into cinematic 3D. It seems a witch has put a spell on Lynch so that he must eat everyone he kills. As the body count mounts, so does the BBQ. Cheesy special effects, lots of gore and dark comedy mix with rhythm, rhyme and heavy bass.