The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




aka The Flesh

Marco Ferreri

An erotic sex and cannibalism film from Italian writer and director Marco Ferreri. This film stars the beautiful and voluptuous young Italian starlet Francesca Dellera. She and co-star Sergio Castellito have a hot love affair, making love in a variety of unusual ways and places. When the relationship ends in murder, Castellito eats the evidence in a final act of erotic perversion.



aka Cannibals Still Exist, Cannibal World

Bruno Mattei (2003)

Bruno Mattei revives the 70s Cannibal Horror genre in the 2003 remake/homage to almost every other cannibal movie. The plot lacks any real originality and can almost be described as "Predator meets Cannibal Holocaust."



aka Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Jungle Holocaust, The Last Survivor, Cannibal

Ruggero Deodato, Italy (1977)

Made by Italian director Ruggero Deodato, this movie was his warm-up for "Cannibal Holocaust." A scientific team goes into the unexplored Philippine jungle where a cannibal tribe purportedly lives. Almost immediately the only female member of the team is captured and roasted. The rest of the team is picked off one-by-one until only one remains as a prisoner of the cannibals. A new born cannibal baby is thrown to alligators and a beautiful cannibal babe (Me Me Lay) is roasted and eaten by her fellow tribesmen. Sick, gory and frightening.




A movie that looks like it was written from a compliation of many of the Dolcett themed on-line cannibalism fetish stories and contains many of these elements, presented visually with a lot of gory special effects. It is interesting that the same culture that could make a film that uses sexualized bloody cannibalism as a cental theme is the same culture that blocks out images of vaginas in comic books. Japan really has beed Americanized. More information to come on this movie.



Gary Whitson, W.A.V.E. Productions

Another horror/fetish tape from the ever more prolific WAVE Productions. In this one, Debbie D plays an unscrupulous lawyer who thinks she is humoring one of her former adversaries who wants to cook for as a luau pig. Of course, he isn't really kidding and Debbie actually ends up getting cooked.



Another real obscurity, I know very little about it. The French title translates as "Playing with Fire," and is supposedly about a rich old man who requests that a young girl be cooked and served to him for his dinner. It purportedly stars Sylvia Kristel, the french "Emmanuelle."



A local colorado legend about a man who survives a nasty Rocky Mountain winter by eating his travelling companions.



Nathan Schiff, 1983

Gory indie horror flick about a massacre on Long Island. Women and men are attacked, raped, impaled, cut up with chainsaws and eaten by a mutant monster and others. This was clearly inspired by Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but most of the plot was left out of this one in favor of nauseating cinematic carnage. Way to go, Nate!



Ira Miller, 1980

Yes, believe it or not, this is a cannibal movie. What makes it a cannibal movie is one brief scene in one of the segments of the movie. Other than that one 10 second or so scene, there is nothing else to do with cannibals in the rest of the film. This was one of the last of the comedy short skit style films that were common in the 70s. Films like "Kentucky Fried Movie", "Groove Tube" and "If You Don't Stop It You''l Go Blind" all compiled comedy shorts together into a common theme. This movie makes fun of other movies by pretending to be a reel of coming attractions for other movies. They include trailers for such movies as "The Howard Huge Story", "Skateboarders from Hell" (a spoof of 60s biker movies) and "Invasion of the Penis Snatchers." One segment is for a documentary or travelogue about the Gobi Desert and ends featuring cannibals cooking a woman in a pot. It makes no sense, but this is a screwball comedy and doesn't necessarily need to make sense. The source of the title is one of the final segments and the best of them all. Called "Darktown After Dark", it features a comedy musical number titled "Tight Pussy, Loose Shoes and a Warm Place to Shit." That's it!



aka Hearts Aflame

James Vincent, Raymond Wells, 1917

A man makes a bet that he can get from Kansas to Constantinople without money or a woman's help. On the way he meets Betty, a young woman running from an unwanted suitor and disguised as a boy. Their adventures take them to a cannibal island where Betty's amourous pursuer becomes king. At the end the hero almost wins until he finds out that his boy companion is really a girl. Argh! He loses the bet, but gets the girl. Silent movies are fun!



aka Mr. Christmas Dinner

Originally titled "Mister Christmas Dinner". A fat guy with girl troubles meets the girl of his dreams who seems to be attracted to his bulk. We soon find out why. She's a member of a clan of cannibals and is out hunting for their big Christmas feast. A very entertaining black comedy.



This one is a made-for-video independent cheapie which apparently is trying to be "The Hills Have Eyes" meets "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." A group of teenagers heading out into the San Bernardino mountains od Southern California run afoul of a family of crazies who seem to be refugees from "Deliverance" (or at least "2000 Maniacs"). The family are cannibals who kill and eat passers by and sell the leftovers to nearby hamburger stand. There's lots of phony gore, but for the most part this one really stinks.



Eric Louzil

This low-budget Horror/T&A movie from independent filmmaker Eric Louzil looks like it was shot on video and then either FILMLOOKed or transferred to film and then back to tape (of course, it could also be that it's been copied so many times that it's gotten it's "grainy" look from that). It's about a cult of pseudo-satanic weirdos who kidnap pretty girls (all while they're wearing sexy lingerie), keep them chained up in cages for a while, and then feed them to "the child", a cannibalistic devil-like monster who lives on an exclusive diet of sexy, college-aged girls. It's got lots of sexy lingerie, some nudity, and a pretty thin plot. We never see the monster actually eat any of the girls, but he does chase them around the cage some. Hard to find but available on video, it is worth a look, even if it's not destined to become a classic.


Dinosaurs, Cannibals and hot sex in Lust World



Ed Powers

Another porn with a lost world jungle theme. This one almost delivers. A sexy blonde and her boyfriend are captured by a tribe of cannibals after becoming shipwrecked on a remote island. These cannibals actually have a good sized pot and although the blonde never actually gets put into the pot, she doesn't get rescued, either. There is a good scene where she is tied up while the cannibals dance around her. She is felt up and stripped by a sexy cannibal woman in a scene that looks very much like "Jungle Drums." She gets untied and taken over to a hay bail, where she is stripped, oiled up and prepared for cooking. The preparation consists mostly of oral and anal sex in various positions. Definitely worth a look.



Like many geeks, Luther likes to chew on things, including people. One of them is Stacey Haiduk, the scrumptious young lady who played Lana Lang on the "Superboy" series and more recently on "Seaquest DSV." A good opportunity to see her nude (if you like that sort of thing, I know I do), but not much else to recommend it.