The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Richard Driscoll, DRagon Studios 2001

A pretty blatant Hannibal rip-off with a soundtrack ripped-off from A Clockwork Orange. Linnea Quigley is a serial killer being stocked by a cannibalistic maniac, who also just happens to be the forensic pathologist investigating her case! Sound confusing? There's a good reason for that.



David Shapiro, Lifer Films 2000

A dramatized documentary based on the book if the same title, about explorer Tobias Schneebaum and his adventures in the Peruvuan jungle, where he tastes human flesh with one of the resident cannibal tribes.



aka Babes in Africa

Jack Hays, Jack Hays Productions 1933

A ten minute "Baby Burlesque" from the very early thirties featuring a cast of all children under ten. The cast is led by a very young Shirley Temple as "Cradlebait", a missionary on an expedition to civilize the cannibals. The cannibals attack the expedition and take Shirley captive and cook her in a pot. Her shouts for help bring Daniel Boone Jr. (no kidding) as baby tarzan to her rescue. Together they tame the cannibals and create a civilized society in the jungle, only Shirley won't let tarzan go out and play with his lion until the dishes are done! This was the sort of thing that was thought cute in the thirties, but today would be sure to raise the ire of NOW, the NAACP and the rest of the Politically Correct crowd.



Conall Pendergast, 2007 (or 2003 or 2004)

Possibly a "sequel" to the 1975 horror film Foctor Gore, this stars the character of "Doctor Gore" as a mad scientist that creates flesh-eating monsters called skeletoids that lurk beneath the city streets and "indulge their sensuous, sinful urges for the soft, supple sensation of the taste of human flesh!" Kind of like C.H.U.D. Movies just aren't original anymore. Claims to be a new movie, but may actually be a recent release (or re-release) of a slightly older movie.



Steve Chiodo, Chiodo Brothers Productions 1988

One of the wildest films I have ever seen, this one has to be seen to be believed. Killer CANNIBAL clowns from outer space land on earth in a scene lifted right out of "The BLOB" in a circus tent space ship. They have popcorn shooting space-guns, flesh-dissolving cream pies, balloon blood-hounds and tiny little cars which can hold the bunch of them at once. They wrap the local townspeople up in cotton candy cocoons to snack on back at their ship. The clown costumes and make up are excellent. If you were EVER scared by clowns as a kid, SEE THIS FILM.


Clowns make girl soup in Killjoy 3


John Lechago, Full Moon Entertainment 2010

The third entry in the "Killjoy" franchise from Full Moon Entertainment, this is a fairly typical Full Moon feature. Killjoy the clown returns from the dead but is trapped in a magic mirror along with his psycho-clown entourage. Using the mirror he is able to kidnap his victims into his mirror world and wreak havoc upon them there. Young Erica (Olivia Dawn York) gets "invited" this way for dinner, as the main course. Erica gets marinaded in a pot and then cooked and served as a cannibal clown feast as her friends watch though the magic mirror. Typical high-camp horror comedy in the usual Full Moon vein.


Gary Whitson

Another IDS production, this was actually one of their very first (if not in fact the first) venture into cannibal themes. GH Lawrence (Gary Whitson) procures meat for distributors, and in his spare time poses as a photographer. when hee brings girls to his apartment the seem surprisingly unsurprised to find that he has a mud pit in the middle of his living room. The girls who end up mud-wrestling with him in the middle of his apartment seem to disappear mysteriously. Where do 'ya think they turn up? W.A.V.E. has gotten much better since then.



(aka Lost on Adventure Island)

Yancy Hendrieth, Moonchild Video Company 1984

A feeble attempt at a science fiction/adventure porno feature. Crystal Holland and her friends set sail to the south seas to get away from it all and end up running afoul of another ship while having sex on deck. Shipwrecked on Adventure Island, They encounter dinosaurs, a giant ape (of course) and cannibals. The tribe of cannibals steals crystal away from a tribe of amazons and does nothing with her. Nothing happens. A real good idea with no follow through and not much sex. There is a second version called "Lost on Adventure Island" which is much better and contains more scenes than the butchered "King Dong" version. Although quite clever and interesting for a porno, even "Lost on Adventure Island" still misses the mark.

Sharon Stone Soup

Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone find themselves in a stew in King Solomon's Mines



J. Lee Thompson,Cannon Group / Golan-Globus Productions 1985

A tedious remake of the H. Rider Haggard classic intended to cash in on the Indiana Jones successes. Sharon Stone (who now refers to this and it's sequel as "Those Awful African Things") gets Richard Chamberlain to help her look for her missing father in Africa. They get captured by a cannibal chief who apparently has a sweet tooth for blondes and are dropped into a giant pot filled with vegetables. Yawn!