The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




aka Voodoo Blood Bath

Jerry Gross, Del Tenney, Del Tenney Productions 1964

A non-cannibal 50's style camp film given a new title so as to be a companion feature to "I Drink Your Blood." When I saw this on the Force Video version released a few years ago ('85, I think), The end of the title was cut off by the right side of the TV screen, thus making the title "I Eat Your Ski." After watching the whole thing I determined that either title would have been equally appropriate. No cannibals to be seen anywhere. No skin (or ski) gets eaten, but there is a good scene of a bunch of natives sacrificing virgins in voodoo rituals. The zombies are pretty dumb looking, too. Pretty funny.


John Klyza, New Wave Independent Pictures 2019 (Philippines)

Playboy model Sunny Leone stars in this movie about photographers going to a Philippine island to photograph a rare bird. One of them finds a corpse holding a strange talisman and then things get a lot stranger than the talisman. A vengeful spirit possesses one of the crew and then, apparently, some skin gets eaten. Use of the title of the 1964 exploitation film is probably not accidental.


Nigerian Movie Poster
Poster for the Nigerian film I Hate My Village


Emeka Ani (Nigeria)

This Nigerian "pulp" movie has been called "one of the most controversial movies ever made." Made in 1998, the movie deals with cannibalism, and the cassette's cover shows Mr. Ani chewing on what is supposedly human flesh.


Osa Johnson's story I Married Adventure



Osa Johnson, Osa Johnson Inc. 1940

A film version of Osa Johnson's (wife of Martin Johnson) book of he same title. In the book Osa tells tales of being sized up as a potential meal by cannibals. Given some of Osa's photographs, I can't say as I blame them.



D.W. Griffith, DW Griffith Productions 1920

A 1920 silent film starring Richard Barthelmess and directoed by D.W. Griffith about a religious zealot and his nephew who are thrown together on a South Seas Island with an alcoholic beach comber and a native dancer.Walter James stars as Chief Wando, a frightening cannibal cheif who discovers the dancing, not-so-innocent young girl Mary, but he is far from the greatest threat on the island.



Alpha Blue 1984

Another porno that parodies the title of a popular movie, but not it's plot. In this one, Barbie Dahl and her companions are shipwrecked on an island populated a bunch of horny cannibal headhunters. Chief Mammoo thinks Barbie's mother is delicious, but she gives such a good blowjob he can't bring himself to eat her. Boring pornographic Cannibal Comedy Cliche.


Agatha Delicious, Delish Media 2020

Andrea Rosu is a reporter doing an interview with Cassandra Cain, a real ex-cannibal. When Andrea asks if there is a particular type of person that is best to eat, Cassnadra tells Andrea, "Yes. You!" Finding that answer a bit flattering and exciting, Andrea asks the cannibal how she would cook someone like her. Cassandra offers to demonstrate on Andrea; undressing her and commenting on her body parts and how they would taste. She then leads Andrea to the cooking pot and, with the encouragement of her cameraman, Andrea climbs into the pot. But is Cassandra really an ex-cannibal? This is a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek soft-core fetish video.



aka Apocalypse Domini, Cannibal Apocalypse, Cannibals in the Streets, Cannibal Virus

Antonio Margheriti, Jose Frade Producciones 1980 (Italy)

John Saxon brings a virus back from Vietnam that turns people into cannibals. He resists, but can't help biting his horny teenage next door neighbor on her delicious little tummy. An Italian gore film without much gore, but then again, I saw the cut version. The unedited version is supposed to be a little bit better.

Island Girl

Island Girl DVD cover


Mark Hannah, Hanpost Productions 1993

A rare and obscure erotic comedy about a foreign exchange student who comes to a small American town from a tiny pacific island. Tanee quickly wins the hearts of her new community, particularly that of the son of her new American family. His jealous girlfiend (the head cheerleader, of course) doesn't care much for Tanee or her boyfriend's attentions to her. One problem, though: Tanee is a cannibal! She doesn't quite get that Americans are not cannibals, especially when she sees the giant hot tub, which she thinks is a cannibal pot. A burglar as well as the cheerleader eventually end up in one of Tahnee's jungle stews before her "secret" is discovered. If you can't eat 'em. join 'em!



Sanjay Khanna (India, 2001)

Sunil Shetty plays hitman Shiva, who takes on a job for crime boss Jindhal (Mohan Joshi). His task is to retrieve a computer disc containing military secrets. In one silly scene a tribe of Pepsi loving cannibals prepare to cook one of their captives. The mixing of modern technology with such an ancient theme leaves a lot to be desired.