The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




aka Adalante, Robinson

Peter Timar, Dialog Filmstudio 1989 (Hungary)

A Hungarian produced comic spoof of Robinson Crusoe. The real Robinson Crusoe tells the tales of his adventures on the island to Daniel Defoe before the author rewrites them into his book. Friday is a hot Cuban cannibal girl!

Making a Groovy Girl Sandwich in Hammerhead



David Miller, 1968 (UK)

A groovy 60s spy comedy in which a secret agent tracks down Hammerhead, an evil mastermind out to take over the world. Somewhere along the line a bunch of hippies make a girl sandwich. Not really cannibalism, just kinky 60s weirdness.



Ridley Scott, MGM 2001

Anthony Hopkins returns as Hannibal Lecter in the sequel to Silence of the Lambs. Clarice Starling is played this time around by Julianne Moore. More explicit cannibalism is evident in the sequal than in the original, with the title character performing a gourmet brain salad surgery on Ray Liotta as Clarice watches. The ending is changed from the book.



Peter Webber, Thomas Harris, Young Hannibal Productions 2007

Based on a novel by Thomas Harris, this is the story of Hannibal Lechter as a teenager. Follows the serial killer from his childhood in Lithuania through a period in Paris in his teens to his arrival in the US. Jude Law plays young Hannibal and Gong Li plays a potential motivation for Hannibal to turn Cannibal.



Luis Alberto Pereira, IPACA 1999 (Portugal)

The same story as "How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman", I don't know which one is more historically accurate. This one is a little more graphic and contains much more nudity (unfortunately, mostly male). Hans Staden is a Dutchman who is captured by a tribe of Amazonian cannibals in the 17th century who are enemies of the Portuguese. Staden tries to convince his captors that he is not Portuguese but a friend of the French, who are the tribe's allies.


Anthony C. Ferrante, The Asylum 2013

There have been quite a few horror films over the last few years that have been based on the Hansel and Gretel fairytale: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, Gretel and Hansel, and even Hansel Vs. Gretel. This one, made by the same director and production company that produced the Sharknado movies, is probably the most cannibalistic of them. Hansel and Gretel are young adults in this entry, which makes it better to include more adult themes, and they are not the only captives on the Witch's menu. Lilith, the witch, played by Dee Wallace Stone also has an entourage of bad guys to help her torture and cook her victims that are imprisoned in her dungeon like cellar at her house in the woods. Naked girls are seasoned, garnished and then roasted in a giant oven that is not well designed for heat retention. It looks like it is made for cable television, because it was made for cable television.



Jason Krawczyk, Alternate Ending Studios 2015

"He" is called Jack and he is mostly a recluse except for occasional trips out to a diner or to play Bingo. He isolates himself to control a compulsion to eat human flesh. He lives on blood that he gets from a guy that works at a hospital. He is really old. Actually he is Cain, from the Bible, and he is immortal. He has a nineteen year old daughter and he is being stalked by a guy with a goatee. Billed as a "horror comedy" the humor, what little there is, is very dark.



Os Herois Trapalhoes: Uma Aventura na Selva (original title)

Jose Alverenga Jr., Ponto Filmes 1988 (Brasil)

The Brasilian comedy team "The Tramps" (Os Trapalhoes) go to the jungle on a mission to rescue the daughter of an army minister where they are captured by a tribe of cannibals. One is cooked in a pot, another on a grill and another is being made into a cake for dessert. In Portugese, so it is hard to figure out what is actually going on.



H. C. Potter, Mayfair Productions Inc. 1941

A 1941 Universal release featuring Shemp Howard of the Three Stooges and a young Martha Raye. This was the movie version of the Olsen and Johnson stage show popular in the 30's and 40's. The opening sequence takes place in hell where devils chase people with pitchforks and sing for the camera. Arms and legs stick out of giant cauldrons and girls (actually mannequins) are roasted on a giant brick barbecue.

A hell of a barbecue in Hellzapoppin



Wes Craven, Blood relations Company 1977

A modern day retelling of the Sawney Beane legend. A vacationing family takes a short cut through the desert near a nuclear testing site and encounters a family of mutant cannibals living there. Dee Wallace gets to do more scenes of hysteria when her husband is killed and her baby is taken by the cannibal family who communicate with each other using stolen walkie talkies. Michael Berryman as Pluto gets savaged by the family dog. This movie has lots of suspense and chills and comes the closest to actually wasting an infant of any of it's genre. The sequel "Hills have Eyes part 2" is really an anti-climax to this effective and scary film.



Alexandre Aja, Craven-Maddalena Films 2006

This 2005 remake of the 1977 classic horror film by Wes Craven stays fairly faithful to the original, while the French filmmaker slips in an anti-American sub-theme. Emilie de Raven (Claire from LOST) plays the Susan Lanier character, and the rape of her older sister (played in the original by Dee Wallace Stone) is shown much more graphically in the remake. Nobody replaces Michael Berryman (as if anyone could) and his presence is noteably missing from the film. While the remake is more graphic than the original, that is about all you can really say about it.



Martin Weisz, Wes Craven Craven-Maddalena Films 2007

The director of the still unreleased BUTTERFLY, A GRIM LOVE STORY returns to cannibalism by directing this sequel to the 2005 remake of the 1977 Wes Craven horror classic. The mutant cannibal clan go after a bunch of National Guard troops who get captured and eaten despite being much more heavily armed than the Carters were. Although the American bashing French director of the last film is replaced bt Weisz and Wes Craven is invloved, this is every bit as disappointing as the last one, perhaps even more so.


A cave-dwelling mutant cannibal checks out some choice redhead in Hillside Cannibals


Leigh Scott, The Asylum 2006

Released at the same time as the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes, this is an obvious attempt to capitalize on the higher budget film and is essentially the same plot. Also called "The Legend of Sawney Bean" this is about some teenagers running afoul of a tribe of inbred mutant cannibals that are the descendants of Sawney Beane and his Scottish cannibal clan. Just how Sawney Beane's descendants got from Scotland to the Mojave Desert is anyone's guess. The film is not exactly memorable, but there is an unrated director's cut, so maybe that's better.


Robert Morse as a cannibal in Honeymoon Hotel (aka His and His)



aka, Honeymoon Hotel

Henry Levin, MGM 1964

A 60's screwball comedy starring Robert Morse, Robert Goulet, Nancy Kwan and Jill St. John. When a man is jilted by his fiancee at the altar, his friend persuades him to use his paid in advance reservations at a honeymoon hotel on Boca Raton with a "no bachelors" policy. Morse plays a jungle cannibal in a fantasy sequence.



Bill Zebub, 2014

Not to be confused with Cannibal Holocaust, Holocaust Cannibal is no-budget shot-on-video sleaze that is a small step up from amateur productions like WAVE video. A group of Nazis escaping to South America at the end of World War II crash on an island inhabited by a tribe of cannibals. Nudity and wild gory mayhem ensue. Two of the characters are named Hansel and Greta. Not as good as it sounds.



aka Ghost Galleon

Amando de Ossorio, Ancla Century Films 1974

A couple of fashion models wearing bikinis somehow wind up on an old, abandoned spanish galleon. The photographers never show up but the "Blind Dead" Knights Templars, who "feed on the flesh of the young and beautiful," do. The sexy brunette is carried off by the eyeless, hooded zombies into the ships hold to her horrible fate. Later on, the blonde is more graphically eaten alive. One of several sequels in the Spanish "Blind Dead" series.



aka Beyond the Fog, Tower of Evil

Jim O'Connolly, Grenadier Films 1972

Snape Island is a fog shrouded island off the coast of Britain, where an old tower stands. Two fishermen going ashore on the island find the dead bodies of some kids, and a mad, knife wielding young naked girl who kills one of these fishermen. While trying to uncover the mystery of what happened, a tale involving madness, greed and an ancient Phoenician idol unfolds. Cannibalism is only hinted at.



Mike Figgis, Moonstone Entertainment 2001

David Schwimmer (Friends), Selma Hayek, John Malkovich and Saffron Burrows star in this tale of a movie crew at a Venetian hotel. Sexual intrigue and production problems start to seem a lot less significant when cannibals and vampires picking off the film crew and hotel guests. "Bizarre sexual activity and horrific cannibalistic images make Hotel one place you will not want to check into alone." FIlmmaker Mike Figgis also made "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Timecode."



Lucio Fulci, Fulvia Film 1981

An atmospheric European horror film similar in plot to "The Incredible Melting Man." The house by the cemetery used to belong to Dr. Freudstein, an eccentric and reclusive scientist who disappeared mysteriously. Soon the new occupants start dying off in horrible ways. It seems the good doctor didn't disappear, but that one of his experiments has turned him into a monster which must consume raw, fresh human flesh and blood to slow down his disintegration. Pretty confusing, especially in the US release in which the reels are shown out of order.



Rob Zombie, Spectacle Entertainment Group 2003

A gore/splatter style horror flick by Rob Zombie about a Texas Chainsaw style family whose many disgusting social habits include cannibalism. With Karen Black.


a salty scene from House of a Thousand Delights



Ted Roter 1973

An early 70's surrealistic sex farce, one of those thousand delights involves a beautiful nude girl who has an apple put into her mouth and sensuously prepared for a feast which is probably really oral sex. This is a real rarity.



aka How Good are the Whites, How Tasty the White Folks Are, Come Soni Bvoni Bianchi (France)

Marco Ferreri, Iberoamericana Films International 1988

From the director of "Le Grande Bouffe" this film is a 1988 cannibal satire about a group of Peace Corps or "Live Aid" type folks who go to Africa to feed the starving natives, only to wind up feeding the cannibals. It is available as an Italian bootleg, in Italian and with no subtitles. Most of the movie features deep focus shots of truck caravans driving through the desert. The climax (the cannibal part), is the last five minutes of the film, in which a relief party watches the act through a videocamera lens. It seems that the cannibals videotaped the barbecue! Interesting, controversial, and worth a look anyway.



A mis-titling of Ferreri's "Don't Touch the White Women." It is not a sequel to "White Folks" and has no scenes of or references to cannibalism. Ferreri has made several movies which deal with cannibalism, but this is not one of them.



Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Condor Filmes 1971 (Brasil)

Not the same as "How Tasty Are the White Folks," although it has a similar title. Not a comedy despite the name. It was the custom of some cannibalistic tribes to take a captive into the tribe, give him a wife, and treat him as an honored guest. Until, that is, the big feast day arrives. This is about a French official in South America who finds himself in just such a situation. He lives with the tribe, teaches them, and even fights with them against both European as well as native enemies; eventually becoming a trusted friend of the chief. In the end, however, tradition wins out over friendship in tribal society.



aka The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story

Danny Lee, Heroes United Films Limited 1993 (Hong Kong)

A few years ago there was a story out of China about a restaurant owner who was caught selling meat-filled bread rolls filled with human meat. This Chinese production is apparently based on that story (or vise versa). A misanthropic scumbag kills some guy and takes over his restaurant. When another guy accuses him of cheating at mah jong, he kills him too by shoving a paper spindle through his eye and beating him to death with a soup ladle. Then, the scumbag cuts the guy up and cooks him into a batch of barbecue pork buns. The buns are a big hit, especially with the police investigating the recent disappearances of people, so the scumbag starts killing everybody else he doesn't like to make more buns. Graphic murders and mutilations of men women and children follow, but a rape scene (prelude to undoubtedly his tastiest batch of buns), is cut.



aka The Beast's Carnival

Paul Naschy, Dalmata Films S.A. 1980 (Spain)

Paul Naschy meets up with a cannibal cult in this slow moving, badly dubbed spanish horror film, which is not one of Naschy's best.



Another Sex and Gore flick from Hong Kong with a plot which is pretty much the same as Human BBQ Pork Buns.


HUNT 2002

Club Dead

Third in the Hunt series done each year by Club Dead. An amateur-custom necro fetish production like all the others, but of feature length and done under special sponsorship. In each Hunt, a group of women are pursued by hunters "Most Dangerous Game" style. If the women can survive 24 hours, they receive their freedome along with a large sum of money. Those who are caught or killed in the hunt are taken back to camp where they are gutted and roasted for a victory feast. Hunt 2002 features actresses Maria Shadoes, Julie Simone, Tricia, Victoria, Valorie, Ann and Julia. Most of the ladies are hung, gutted and roasted on a turning rotisserie or spit pole. Hunt 2000 and Hunt 2001 were also produced. For death and cannibalism fetishists only!