The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies



Below are a list of movies that are in production, pre-production, or rumored to be in some form of production at some time. Many of them have been "coming attractions" for several years and will likely never be finished or, indeed, ever really started. If and when these movies are actually released they will be moved to the main section.


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John Borowski, 2007

A docu-drama about cannibalistic child killer Albert Fish, who was executed for having murdered and eaten a young girl named Grace Budd. This film dramatizes the exploits of a man who may have been America's first real serial killer.



A planned anthology project which will combine short subjects done by different groups. Already on tap are Gary Miller's "Beauty Pageant" and Black Rose's "Jungle Drums." Production problems have pretty much killed this project, so don't expect to ever actually see it.



Tony Sinclair

Despite the description in the "Scream Queens" special edition of "High Society" magazine, This shot-on-video movie is about a family of cannibals who run a costume shop. Their crazy son, junior, thinks he's leatherface from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Lot's of pretty girls get cut up and cooked. Made by Tony Sinclair of Sinclair Blue Productions (which normally makes borderline porno tickle-fetish videotapes), this project was never completed, but may still be released sometime.



Relevant Films, Scorched Earth Entertainment 2009 (remake)

A proposed remake of the 1980 Ruggero Deodato classic. It is listed as "pre-production", whch means that nothing is concrete yet, but despite this it is already causing controversy. Fans of the original feel that a "Hollywood" version of the film will ruin the original's iconoclastic reputation. One of the producers also worked on the 2005 remake of "The Amityville Horror" which was criticised for being a bland watering down of the original.



aka Cannibal Metropolitiana, Cannibal

Ruggero Deodato 2009 (Italy)

There have been a lot of movies that have called themselves "Cannibal Holocaust 2" but none of them were officially a sequel to the Ruggero Deodato classic of gory Italian Cannibal Cinema. Deodato has long been talking about doing CH2, but now it appears as though he is going to fulfill his promise. Deodato has confirmed that he will direct Cannibal Metropolitiana for a planned 2009 release. This one seems to be going through a lot of title changes, but the basic premise is that in this one rather than civilization invading the cannibals domain, the cannibals invade civilization. Kind of a "Cannibals in the City". I got dibs on Charlotte.

Breaking News: Production has been cancelled on this film. The exact reasons are unclear, but this looks like another one that will never happen.



A major Hollywood movie said to be in production but which has not seemed to have materialized. No other real information on it. Given that both "Ravenous" and "The 13th Warrior" (which were it's contemporaries on the production charts) never delivered at the box office as hoped, this one will likely be confined to production limbo. If "Hannibal Rising" is a hit, this may resurface.



Russell Deane

Based on the book "A Cookbook for Cannibals" by "Chef Sal Monella," this promises to be a "sexy and satirical account of mankind's oldest and ultimate taboo." Only the "Jungle Drums" short was ever produced and it seems unlikely that any more of it will ever be done. But, then again, you never know.



aka Holocaust Holocaust

Sofian Khan 2008

* This is on "coming attractions" because I cannot verify that this film has ever been released. It has trailers and seems to be a completed film, but may not have distribution. Suzi Lorrain and Amanda Cole star in a film about a group of vacationers who take a private yacht to a south pacific island which happens to be inhabited by cannibals. The cannibals pick off the vacationers who end up becoming zombies (hmmm, sounds like "Night of the Sorcerers") except for Amanda Cole who becomes the unwilling wife of one of the cannibals. It looks like nobody ever gets eaten in this movie, so why are the natives cannibals? Promises to be confusing, but hopeully at least somewhat sexy and fun.



Synthetic Fur

Ravenous flesh-eating monsters from outer space attack a group of hunters in a remote wilderness in this horror indie being produced by North Carolina based Synthetic Fur. It's easier to take these pre-production rumors seriously when the films actually have a website. OK, so it's not precisely cannibals, but it is people-eating vore so it's close enough. Release TBD.



"Hot Actresses Make an Independent Horror Film," touts the official movie website. This indie flick is about a secret group of elite cannibals that like to hunt young and sexy prey in the woods and dine on their flesh at periodic gatherings of the clan. The filmmakers offer quite a lot of hype, but nothing in the way of plans to actually finish and release the film. I think this may have been finished and may be out, or maybe you just have to watch it clip by clip on You Tube. From what I have seen, nothing new or special here.



Listed as "in production" for a 2007 release. The given description sounds pretty much like a remake of C.H.U.D. Writing credits are given to Ron Bonk and Scott Muck. I take this with a grain of salt.



Another black comedy about a less than completely socially adjusted chef, who has a more than just romantic interest in beautiful women.



Supposedly a "holiday" horror film about cannibal elves and a vampire Santa. I'll believe it when I see it.



Xavier Gens

In (pre) production as of November 2007, the film's director describes it as, “a film about a group of shipwrecked guys on an island full of cannibals. It's totally over-the-top, but likely to be a lot of fun”. Probably not so much fun if it's just "a bunch of guys."