The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Dane Productions

Porn has finally discovered cannibals. They don't really do anything with the subject, but there have been several recent "extreme" porns that have taken on the subject. This one is a little less extreme. It is an anthology video with each segment dealing with fantastic, nightmare sex. In one, a tasty young college student falls asleep in class following a lecture about cannibals in Africa, and dreams her studly Black professor is a cannibal and she is the sacrifice! Other than grass skirt and plastic bones worn by the "cannibal," this is just the usual sex scenes. He doesn't ever even hint that he might want to eat her, except that he does "eat" her in the usual porn film fashion.



Jean Rollin

Mostly a lesbian vampire movie with a cannibalistic ending. Bridget Lahie is a sexy lesbian vampire. She meets her end at the films end, as do most cinematic vampires, but not with a stake through her heart. The movie is in French, and I know of no English version, but I could still fairly well follow what was going on.


Poster for Mike Tristano's Feast



Mike Tristano

One of the better recently released cannibal films, this one features a cast of aging porno and has-been character actors. Leading the cast is Sharon Mitchell as a psychiatrist who is visited by a patient that suffers from memory black-outs and dreams of eating women. Sharon's boyfriend just happens to be an anthropologist who has studied cannibalism extensively and is working with the police on cases of women who have been murdered, dismembered and, apparently, eaten. The fun ensues when the psychiatrist starts becoming sexually aroused by all the stories of cannibalism she is hearing. Not perfect, but pretty darned good for what it is.



John Gulager, 2005

Not to be confused with the Mike Tristano cannibal movie FEAST, this is more a vore themed splatter horror flick than a cannibal movie. Similar in plot to TREMORS, this is about a group of people stranded in a bar in in an isolated town while menaced by monsters with a voracious taste for human flesh. A Project Greenlight Production, Wes Craven, Matt Damon and Ben Afleck are listed as Executive Producers.



A midnight-cult film about Anytown, USA suburban housewives who catch a virus that makes them want to eat their own children. One of the better low budget attempts at taboo breaking shock cinema with more of a comic flair than a violent one.



(aka Flesh Gordon 2)

A sequel to the great 1973 sex spoof "Flesh Gordon." This time, an impotence ray from space affects not only the earth, but has defeated the inter-galactic high school cod-ball team as well. The Cosmic Cheerleaders, led by Robunda Hooters, kidnap Flesh Gordon who is the only virile male left in the universe. Dale and Flexi Jerkov follow in his tit-shaped spaceship, and successfully navigate the Ass-teroids only to have Dale kidnapped and taken to the ice planet. Flesh and Jerkov, with Robunda and the Cheerleaders in hot pursuit, crash on the planet of the extinct Amazon warrior-women and find the cod-ball team inside one of their petrified remains. Escaping through the large intestine, they are taken prisoner by the turd people who attempt to cook them in oil-drum pots to make them members of the tribe. Meanwhile, Dale is imperiled by the Octo-pussy eater! Nearly twenty years in the making, this sequel is nearly as fun as the original.



Nathan Juran, 1962

An hommage (actually, more of a blatant rip-off) to Jules Verne's "Five Weeks In A Balloon" this grade-Z Saturday matinee adventure flick is about a group of people in a hot air balloon on a quest to rescue someone somewhere in Arabia. In a lengthy segment the balloon has trouble while crossing Africa and lands in the middle of a cannibal tribe. The chief of the tribe is a fat drunken woman who invites them to dinner. When the female lead (Mala Powers) reaches for the plate of roasted meat, the male lead (Marshall Thompson) remarks, "I wonder WHO is in the antipasto," causing her to change her mind and go for the vegetables instead. Starring a cast of unknowns this film has pretty much slipped into obscurity.


sexy Spanish Title Card for Terror at Red Wolf Inn



aka Terror at Red Wolf Inn, Terror House, Terror on the Menu, Club Dead.

Regina, a cute red-haired and befreckled college coed with no family to go home to, wins a stay at rural Red Wolf Inn for her summer vacation. Seems lots of other pretty young girls stay there too, but always leave suddenly. Regina soon learns why dinners at the Inn are so tasty and why the other girls left so abruptly. The owners young son, Baby John, takes a fancy to Regina and decides that she's just to good to waste on nothing more than another meal. His parents feel that Regina would make a much better sugar cured ham than a wife and tell him, "We'll find you a nice, skinny girl." Lots of dumb jokes get worked into this black comedy before the dilemma is resolved.



Another forgettable "Teens find horror on a camping trip" flick, which is so forgettable I've actually forgotten most of it. Two teenage couples on a camping trip run into weird goings on in the forest. They meet a couple of ghost children who warn them to stay away from the crazy old guy who lives in the cave. One of the girls then meets the crazy old guy who lives in the cave, who tells her he's hungry and he's sorry but she's dinner. When her boyfriend runs across the old guy while searching for the girl, he offers to share some of the "doe" he's just killed with him. The young boy soon finds out he's eating his girlfriend (which is probably what he had in mind anyway). Slow moving and lacking any real thrills, scares, or any other sort of titillation.




This ten minute shot-on-video cheapie from Vidimax is about a psycho butcher who forgets to order beef and pork with which to make his sausages. He discovers that cheerleaders are cheaper and easier to get. Hardly a classic, but not too bad for what it is, although the production values are pretty cheap.



Not exactly a "cannibal movie", really. But, the concept does make an appearance in this highly acclaimed mainstream Hollywood film. In a flashback segment, a tale is told of a bigoted bad guy who gets his just desserts.



aka Frightmare

Boring film about a cannibal mother who is committed to a mental institution for cannibalism, her husband allows himself to be committed along with her so that he can watch out for her, their daughter who would rather forget the whole thing, and her younger sister who is a budding juvenile delinquent and apparently doesn't know a thing about mom. Comes complete with the standard "tomato surprise" ending.


Playmate Kathy Shower gets a cannibal rubdown in The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck



David Keith

David Keith, who starred in such films as "An Officer and a Gentleman," "Firestarter" and "Take this Job and Shove It" both directed and starred in this film with 1986 Playmate of the Year Kathy Shower. David is a very Indiana Jones like explorer and hunter. Kathy is the wife of an upper class dipshit on a honeymoon safari in Sri Lanka. When their guide is killed by an elephant, they persuade Tennessee Buck (Keith) to take them into the interior. They get captured by cannibals who don't waste a lot of time getting Kathy's clothes off. Unfortunately, this movie tries too hard to be like other movies to produce much anything original or exciting on it's own.