The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




Murry Creature, a 400-pound alien from outer space, comes to earth and develops a taste for Italians. A New York police detective who thinks he's Sam Spade finds out what's going on, but his liberal judge girl friend sets Murry free and dumps the cop for the gargantuan space cannibal, whose grandmother just happens to be Italian! We never actually SEE Murray eat anybody. This film gives a whole new meaning to the word LAME.



An androgynous anarchist-punk waiter is fired from a posh restaurant which serves dishes made from endangered species to wealthy clientele. He/She/It then hooks up with a bunch of other nihilist misfits and goes on a revenge/angst driven crime spree which culminates back at the restaurant serving the wealthy clientele to any weirdo off the street. A british 80s anarchist-punk black comedy which really could have been a whole lot better.



Ron Atkins, Cut Throat Video 2002

Not a remake or sequel to the British film of the same name, but a god-awful, barely watchable piece of shot-on-video forgettable drek. Lots of gore, bad makeup and abysmal acting, but little else to recommend it by.



aka The Emerald Jungle, Doomed to Die

Umberto Lenzi

This movie was obviously inspired by the Jonestown affair. A very Jim Jones like religious leader founds a colony for his cult in the jungles of New Guinea. His followers participate in torture rituals and the women in sex rites with him. They are held prisoner by the temple guards and the tribe of cave dwelling cannibals who live in the jungles surrounding the camp. A New York debutante hires Mel Ferrar to guide her to the sex-cult camp to find her sister, who is a cult member and excellent cannibal fodder. Me Me Lay plays the native girl who gets eaten along with sis (her sole film career seems to consist of being eaten by cannibals in "Jungle Holocaust," "The Man From Deep River" and this film). Scenes are stolen from "The Man from Deep River" and "Slave of the Cannibal God." Featuring lots of gore, sex and cannibalism. These particular cannibals seem to prefer female flesh, breasts and legs being the most popular cuts. Lenzi made "Cannibal Ferox" a couple of years later.



Paul Bartel

Probably Paul Bartel's masterpiece. An effective black comedy starring director Bartel and Mary Woronov as a sexually repressed couple who find a way to rid the world of sexual perverts (basically, any one with a sex drive) and make some money at the same time. Mary advertises for sex, lures the unsuspecting victims to her apartment, and Paul kills them with a frying pan and takes their money. Raoul finds out about it and blackmails them into letting him in on the deal. For a cut, he disposes of the bodies. To explain where any cannibalism fits in here would ruin the surprise ending.



aka Nightmare International

Erricos Andreou, 1961 (Greece)

This 1961 Greek thriller features a brief scene at some kind of a night club where a nude blonde woman is being cooked in a pot by a tribe of dancing cannibals as part of a voodoo dance performance. In Greek language, so otherwise I don't know what the film is about. Quite a nice little scene!




Charles Awurum (Nigeria)

One of a new crop of "pulp movies" coming out of a growing Nigerian film market, this film is about an African slave and a white woman who frees him. When they come to Africa, she is rejected by his society, and they flee into the jungle "Upon which they meet some cannibals and become separated."



"Tin-Tan" was a talented Mexican comic actor who made many Spanish language spoofs. In this movie, he spoofs what could almost be thought of as "One Million BC meets Iceman." Tin-Tan plays "Triki Tran," a caveman hunter out hunting dinner for his cave-dwelling cannibal tribe. He comes across a beautiful sleeping blonde woman, but although this "carne blonde" looks exceptionally delicious (and tastes good, too!) he quickly falls in love with her. Her parents aren't crazy about their impending marriage, especially since so many members of Her tribe have ended up in His tribe's cooking pot!


Anne Hathaway gets stewed in Ella Enchanted



Tommy O'Haver, Miramax 2004

Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries) plays a young girl who as a baby has an enchantment placed on her by a drunken fairy godmother. Elaa must always tell the truth and do what she is told. This gets Ella in a great deal of trouble through her life, and so she sets off to find her partying fairy godmother and have the spell removed. On the way she meets a group of hungry ogres who ask her "how do you like to be eaten?" The ogre tells her, "get in the pot!" and the enchantment causes her to comply. In the next scene, we see Ella suspended on a rope and dangling over the boiling pot. Of course, she is saved at that moment by a prince. The disappointed ogre shrugs and says, "oh well, when you eat maiden you're just hungry again in an hour." Bob and Harvey Weinstein were executive producers.


A sexy cover for this release of Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals that belies the film's graphic contents.



aka Trap Them and Kill Them

Joe D'Amato

A young girl is rescued from the Amazon jungle and, while in the hospital, eats the breast of a lesbian nurse. The arcane symbol tattooed on her pubic region leads reporter Emmanuelle (Laura Gemser) and a safari of others into the jungles of Brazil to search for the cannibal Tupinamba tribe. The cannibals find them first. A nun is captured, tied to a tree, stripped naked and eaten alive. A man is cut in half and his wife disemboweled and eaten. Emmanuelle poses as the River Goddess to save her young blonde friend from the cannibals. A definite departure from the other films in the Black Emmanuelle series.



Hey Vern, Ernest P. Worrel's numerous commercials selling everything from hardware to cars became so popular that the character made several movies. In one of the last of the series made not long before Ernest creator Jim Varney's untimely death, Ernest made a trip to Africa to impress his love interest. Ernest is in love with Renee, a waitress in his home town. To impress her, he gives her a yo-yo that he made out of some jewels he found at a swap meet. Geeky, skinny, bespectacled and not exactly the catch of the day, Renee rejects Ernest's affections because she wants a man that can put more adventure into her humdrum life. But unbeknownst to both of them, the jewels in Ernest's yo-yo are sacred diamonds stolen from an African tribe, and soon Renee finds herself kidnapped and taken to Africa with Ernest in hot pursuit. After rescuing Renee from the harem of an amorous Sheik, Ernest and Renee find themselves captured by a fierce cannibal tribe. With Renee suspended in a cage over the cooking pot, Ernest must challange the tribe's Witch Doctor in a contest of magic for the freedom of himself and his reluctant lady love, who is getting herself a bit more adventure than she ever bargained for. Knowhutimean?



A German made soft-core sex movie with a young Robinson Crusoe shipwrecked on an island where the men and women live as separate tribes. Both are cannibals. The tribe of nubile female cannibals find our boy first and ambush him in the jungle. He is taken back to the tribal village and put in the pot. Fortunately hor him, the young lovelies speak German, too, and he convinces them that he would be far more useful to him uncooked. After a few sessions of lovin' the girls seem no longer interested in cannibalism. Later, Robin gets captured by the male cannibals and ends up back in the pot, and when the girls come to the rescue they end up in the pot with him. They are all quickly rescued and after that I pretty much lost interest. Good for a laugh.



A chinese film in (obviously) the Erotic Ghost Story series. In this one an evil (but beautiful) sorceress is imprisoned in a portrait. She needs the dashing male hero, whose strong yang has the power to free her from the portrait, to help her defeat her good wizard brother and uses a beautiful young seductress to entice our hero to her side. She gains her power through cannibalism, and after eating her brothers flesh she plans the same fate for the hero. But, the beautiful seductress has fallen in love with our hero and saves him only to be discovered, captured, and put on the menu herself. Monsters, magic and martial arts from the Chinese cinema to you.