The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




George Abbott, Warner Bros. 1958

Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian) stars as Old Scratch in this screen adaptation of the stage musical about an aging baseball player who sells his soul to the Devil to have back his youth and his glory days as a star player on the New York Yankees. In a musical number titled "Those Were The Good Old Days," Walston as the Devil sings of his evil deeds of the past while images of nasty things appear in clouds around him. One line goes, "I see cannibals munchin' a missionary luncheon", and the image in the cloud is of African natives crowded around a man in a pot. Also starring Gwen Verdon and Tab Hunter.



Phil Smoot 1985

I think someone was trying to copy the Knights Templars from the spanish "Blind Dead" series. This American made film is about a sect of cannibalistic indians who are resurrected when a bunch of kids come to stay on their ancient burial ground. While some of the make-up and costumes are pretty decent, the rest is pure format, and it seems the word "cannibal" is just stuck in there to make it seem a little more interesting to those who haven't seen it yet.



Frank Agrama, Harmony Gold 1981

Cannibal Zombies and Ghouls move over: here come the Cannibal Mummies. A band of grave robbers open the tomb of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Their operation is crashed by a bunch of models taking pictures for a fashion magazine. Together they unleash a curse which brings to life an army of hungry mummies to extract revenge. The mummies then crash a wedding party in town and, not satisfied with the baklava and shish kabob, dine on the bride. An interesting variation on George Romero's flesh-eating undead, only not quite as good.


aka Gancore Gud

Apisit Opasaimlikit, Phra Nakorn Film Co. Ltd. 2011 (Thailand)

A Thai Hip Hop group called the Gancore Club shoot a music video on Mermaid Island along with a group of sexy models. The shoot goes wrong and they find themselves stranded on the island. They see it as a chance to have a little fun until they discover that the island is also home to a cannibal tribe and a horde of zombies! Gory mayhem ensues. The DVD does have English subtitles, otherwise is would be quite a challenge to know what is going on.



Andrew Parkinson, Long Pig Films 2001

A Canadian independent production about a group of women who all share a secret: They are victims of a virus that forces them to eat human flesh to survive. One of the group hunts for prey each night and brings it back to the home where they live. They must live on the run, being pursued by a psycho vigilante who wants to kill them all, even though they will all die eventually. An allegory to the AIDS epidemic? Nudity, gore and on-screen cannibalism make this a milder film in the "theater of transgression" indie genre.



Charlie Steeds, Dark Temple Motion Pictures 2020

A "TAIFP" style picture done in a 1970s Blaxploitation style, this is about a group of African-American siblings running from the police that decide to hide out at a Tennessee ranch that they think is abandoned. Wrong! It is actually home to a cannibalistic KKK cult that don't mind a little dark meat on their menu. Every character is a stereotype in this movie. The monsters are white cracker racists with names like "Cletus", "Jeb" and "Gator". The black protagonists are on the run from the police and 'aint gonna take no shit. The action is gory mayhem and generally predictable format, making the movie itself something of a stereotype.



B. Dennis Wood, Camp Video 1988

Shot on video laughable gore about a wrongly executed man who comes back from the dead to seek revenge and eat girls. Lots of bad jokes and Michelle Bauer.


aka Belle a Croquer (original title)

Alex Courtiere, Les Fees Productions 2018 (France)

A French surreal comedy about a man who falls in love with his neighbor. She is a vegetarian, he is a gourmet cannibal with a phobia for vegetables. Oh, dear! Described as a mix between Delicatessen and Willy Wonka.


Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Constellation 1991

A typical plot device involves cannibalism being practiced by survivors of the collapse of society. Terry Gilliam (the American member of Monty Python) has explored society in decline before in "Brazil." In this movie he explores a story involving the aftermath of economic collapse. The residents of an apartment building get their food by preying on new tenants. They are led by a butcher who does their dirty deeds for them. An ex circus clown is their intended victim, but the butcher's daughter falls in love with him and conspires with a group of paramilitary sewer-dwelling vegetarians to help her save him.



Devin Hamilton, Shadow Entertainment 2003

The Delta Delta Pi sorority bake sales are renowned for their delicious meat pies, and the recipes are a well kept sorority secret. Ex-Sister Brinke Stevens knows the secret and how house mother Julie Strain and her one-time boyfriend, the Dean of the college, are involved in acquiring the meat, which is provided courtesy of the sorority sister's dates. These girls just love it when they take their young men to dinner! With the big 20 year Homecoming celebration coming, Brinke decides it's about time to re-join the sorority and put an end to the doings of the comely cannibals. But she did not count on rogue sister Hannah Boule whom Julie has imprisoned in the basement of the sorority house. Julie Strain has been in too many movies, and age is finally starting to catch up with Brinke, but luscious sorority girls like Tiffany Shepis provide enough succulent skin to keep it interesting. Too bad that Hannah doesn't get her way until the end of the movie. I think that her meat pies would be a significant improvement.


Old Ezra Cobb (Ed Gein) is Deranged



Jeff Gillen, Karr International Pictures 1974

Both Hitchcock's "Psycho" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" are loosely based on the factual case of Wisconsin psycho-geek Ed Gein. This film is much less loosely based on the same character. Ezra Cobb, "The Butcher of Woodside," is a very Gein-like character, who after his religious fanatic and woman-hating mother dies begins partaking of some very bizarre behavior. He digs up the body of his dead mother and begins killing women. He makes furniture, drums, tobacco pouches and jewelry from their body parts. All of these are things which Gein actually did, but "Ez" preys on younger and more attractive women than did the less discriminating Ed. If you're interested in the Gein case, this film is the closest dramatization to the actual life and deeds of Ed Gein.



John Waters, Charm City Productions 1977

One of the few early John Waters pictures without Divine, but does have Mink Stole and Edith Massey. A woman kills her abusive husband and runs away to a town of criminals and perverts ruled by the evil Queen Carlotta. When the residents of the kingdom revolt, Queen Carlotta is roasted and eaten by her former subjects. It's a truly disgusting topper for a truly disgusting movie.



aka Holocaust Holocaust

Sofian Khan 2008

Suzi Lorrain and Amanda Cole star in a film about a group of vacationers who take a private yacht to a south pacific island which happens to be inhabited by cannibals. The cannibals pick off the vacationers who end up becoming zombies (hmmm, sounds like "Night of the Sorcerers") except for Amanda Cole who becomes the unwilling wife of one of the cannibals. It looks like nobody ever gets eaten in this movie, so why are the natives cannibals? Filmed in the British Virgin Islands.



S. Lee Taylor, The Asylum/Obsidian Productions 2003

This pointless rip-off of "The Hills Have Eyes" is about an RV full of kids returning from a Rave party through the desert. Their RV breaks down in a desolate stretch where they run into a band of cannibals living there. It even has the rescued daughter and the gas station owner who knows about the cannibals and gets killed. There is some nudity and bare flesh. Girls are captured by the cannibal band but nothing is shown. This movie is played just for the gore and even that is pointless and tedious. Except for one scene of gut-munching, cut from the release version but included in the DVD special features, you wouldn't even know that the bad guys are cannibals. Starring a bunch of people you never heard of, except for Tiffany Shepis who plays a lesbian that gets killed in the opening scene. If the cannibals didn't make a fine meal out of that, they ain't cannibals. Most annoying character is an idiot white kid who talks hio-hop language and wears lots of "bling-bling." There is even a feature on the DVD titled "the most annoying 24 seconds in cinematic history" comprising edited together clips of this knob-head saying "Yo." The worst part of the movie is that he doesn't get killed. This one is a real waste of time and film.



(The Legend of Alferd Packer)

Kevin Rapp, Troma 2005

Surprisingly little cannibalism for a movie about cannibalism. The filmmakers can't seem to decide if they are making a western, "The Hills Have Eyes", "Cannibal Holocaust" or "Night of the Living Dead." Still, it is a good attempt and it does have it's moments. Much of the movie is shot inside an actual mine, which is quite a feat for a movie as low budget as this one and creates a continual claustrophobic feeling. Too much of it is the usual format, though. College students on a class project? We have never seen that before, have we? Hey, he's got his movie for sale at Virgin Megastore! Mine isn't for sale at any store! "A" for effort, but the movie itself gets a (generous) "C-".



Ulli Lommel 2007

Another horror movie based on the Armin Miewes incident but without the homosexuality. In this one, a guy meets a girl on the internet and takes her out for dinner. She ends up falling in love with him only to discover that he has very unusualy sexual interests and a strangely twisted concept of love. He wants her to kill him and eat him, claiming that it is the ultimate joining and will make them one forever. Rather than calling him a freak and running back to her cozy home on the Venice (California) canals, the poor confused girl falls for his nonsense and agrees. Later after the young lady is sent to prison for her "crime of passion" we meet the idiot meat-boy's mother who, rather than taking responsibility for raising a freak, hires another prison inmate to kill the girl. We see the story as a flashback from the girl telling the story to the police to the protests of the hospital doctor. The movie has little dialog and, in fact, little else to actually make it interesting. I suppose because the main character is a girl it is easier to sympathise with the Miewes character than in was for the Marian Dora film that showed both characters as gay men. While the film seems to have captured how pathetic and stupid the "meat-boy" is, there really is no point or statement being made here. It really is just a gratuitous attempt to cash in on the Miewes story. So far, this is the worst of the bunch.



Perry Dell, MDM Productions 1974

An early 1970's porn. One brief scene features a man who cooks fat girls (ex-porn stars!) in a pot for an African cannibal tribe.



Bill Hellfire, IDS/WAVE Productions

Simultaneously a remake and a sequel to WAVE's "Cannibal Doctor", this one borrows a subplot from Aimez-vous les Femmes? to cook Misty Mundae twice for the price of one. Tina Krause, who signed a union contract between making Cannibal Doctor and this one, is replaced by Mia Copia (Tina's non-union stage name). Tina and Misty are certainly two of WAVE's yummiest girls and both of them get cooked in this video (even if Tina's cooking is only a fantasy). The "oven" is the Doctor's examining room with a red light and the "tenderizer" is a vibrator. I played a game a lot like this when I was a little kid and didn't know any better. I hear the original "Cannibal Doctor" was actually better, even if it lacked the two for one (or three for one if Tina doesn't get cooked, too). Neither is available from WAVE any longer.


Kathi Trotter is one of the yummy Dinososaur Babes



Brett Piper 1996

OK, technically this is not a cannibal movie because there are no cannibals in it anywhere. But then again, The Woman Eater is also listed in this encyclopedia and it doesn't have any cannibals in it either. This is being listed here because it is probably one of the best no-budget "vore" movies you are likely to find. Starring a cast of scrumptious babes that you never heard of (and who never appeared in anything else before or since) this is a sexy dinosaurs and cavemen (and cavewomen) flick that has a group of scantily clad hotties taken captive by a tribe of dino-amazon women that sacrifice hot babes to dinosaurs and sea creatures. Two women are bound King Kong style and stripped naked to be sacrificed to a T-Rex. The dinosaur literally tastes the girls before it eats them. You see the dino's wet slimy tongue lick the girls on their bare tummies and breasts. In another scene a warrior woman is sacrificed to some kind of sea bugs who crawl all over her and eat her alive. All the girls are extremely sexy. A subplot about aliens is something you won't really care about. This isn't about plot. It's about gratuitous T&A, and this movie excells at that.


Dita Von Tease gets herself into a stew in Jungle Jeopardy



Christa Faust, Predicament Productions, 2000

Pinup Diva (and wife of Marilyn Manson) Dita Von Tease stars in a series of independently produced bondage fetish videos that pay homage to the old Black and White adventure serials of the 1930s and 40s. In the first chapter titled Jungle Jeopardy, Dita is an Amelia Earhardt type Aviatrix whose plane crashes in the jungle. She soon finds herself bound to a pole and carried away by two savage jungle cannibals who strip her down, tie her up and cook her in a pot with an apple in her mouth. Of course, she gets saved in chapter two, but that's the way those old serials worked.



Jay Lind, Paradise Productions 1992

An hommage to Polanski's "Aimez-vous les Femmes?" this contemporary twist on that story is about a sect of female cannibals "who never met a woman they didn't like." Check out "Femmes Fatales" magazine for more information. This movie was never completed, but a rough edit of what parts of it were completed is available from Draculina, and there is enough there to form a more or less complete story.


Neil Marshall, Rogue Pictures 2008

When a deadly virus known as "reaper" hits Scotland the entire country is shut down an turned into a forbidden quarantine zone. Three decades later when reaper reappears in London a tem is sent into the zone to find and bring back a cure. The survivors live in a "Mad Max Thunderdome" style world where mob rule is the law. "This is out city", screams a guy with a punk mohawk haircut to the crowd, "If anyone comes here we're gonna catch 'em. we're gonna cook 'em, and we're gonna eat 'em!" Cooking them seems to consist of mostly burning them to a crisp, so what is left to eat is questionable.


James Conway, Schick Sunn Classics 1978

A made for TV docu-drama about the Donner Party, who in the early days of California history, were caught by a nasty winter storm while crossing the Sierra Nevadas into California through what is now called Donner Pass. Since they were dropping like flies anyway, cannibalism was the answer to surviving.


aka Cannibal Rising

Elise Robertson 2011

An independent horror film set in the Donner Pass area of California. It's pretty formula. Teenagers go to party at the cabin of one of their parents and end up getting eaten in a typical "who is the killer" slasher.


DR. BUTCHER, M.D. (Medical Deviate)

aka Queen of the Cannibals, Zombie Holocaust

Marino Giorlami, Flora Film 1980 (Italy)

This Italian chunk blower originally titled "Queen of the Cannibals" had an irrelevant few minutes of a grave yard sequence added to the beginning and was re-titled as "Dr. Butcher, M.D." A beautiful blonde anthropologist and a team of reporters travel to a South Pacific island to investigate a resurgence of cannibalism there. They find a mad scientist there doing experiments on the natives and creating zombies. The zombies aren't cannibals, the cannibals are cannibals. The blonde gets captured, stripped naked and worshipped by the cannibals after a lot of confusing action happens. Plenty of eye-gouging and gut munching, as well as much mutilation by the good Doctor occurs in the meantime. Plenty gory, but not particularly scary.



Stephen Sayadian,Steiner 1989

Not exactly a remake, but more of an homage to the original German silent classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," this film is more of a surreal, X-rated, psycho-sexual nightmare. Dr. Caligari's granddaughter has continued his research, specializing in diseases of the libido. Her prime subjects are Mrs. Van Houten, a repressed nymphomaniac, and Gus Pratt, a schizophrenic cannibal obviously based on Albert Fish. Watch the fun as Dr. Caligari crosses Mrs. Van Houten's limbic system with Mr. Pratt's hypothalamus, and then turns the institute's director into Mamie Van Doren for an encore! Considering it was shot entirely on a sound stage is Fullerton, California with a very small budget, this film achieves some remarkable imagery. I personally loved every warped minute of it.


Louis Ferriol, Carlson International/Vidimax 1986

This entry from the Vidimax  "Macabre Video Underground Society" is an obvious homage to Hershell Gordon Louis' Wizard of Gore and The Incredible Torture Show (Bloodsucking Freaks). Dr. Sadisimo runs a traveling torture show. A reporter comes to interview him and is subjected firsthand to the tortures of the show, which includes a "flesh-eater" that takes a bite out of her legs. The journalist was played by a New York City stripper and doesn't do a bad job. She also has the looks to make the video interesting. This, like many of Vidimax's other videos were lost in a warehouse fire and now can only be seen in poor quality video reproductions. Vidimax was also the first to distribute the Japanese "Guinea Pig" series in the US.

A naked lady is either a human sacrifice or lunch in Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon


Juan Lopez Moctezuma, 1972 (Mexico)

Confusing Mexican production loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Feather. A 19th century psychiatrist journeys to a remote European castle that has been converted into an asylum for the insane. Upon arriving he finds the hospital to be well under the control of the inmates. Falling for the beautiful daughter of the asylum's director, he determines to rescue her from the depraved madhouse. But, who are really the inmates and who are really the doctors? In the most interesting scene, the "sane" doctor makes his move to rescue his lady love. He finds her layed out nude on a (sacrificial?) table garnished with fruits and vegetables while maniac squeezes fruit juice over her bare breasts and belly. Is she being prepared for sacrifice, or for dinner? We never find out exactly what her intended fate is, but it is a tasty scene nonetheless.


DVD Cover for Thai Adventure movie Duk Dum Dui



Suthep Po-ngam, Pranakorn Films 2003 (Thailand)

I have to keep resisting the temptation to call this movie Dum Fuk Dui (or any of other potential parodies on the name). Imagine a combination of a Hong Kong flick (without the Kung Fu and bloody violence) and a Bollywood movie (without the music and sexy girls) and you will get an idea of what this Thai adventure flick is like. I have no idea what is going on in this movie as it is entirely in the Thai language with no subtitles. It does have a very good scene where the four Thai Guys are captured by a tribe of cannibals. The cannibals themselves are very convincing and the jungle setting is wonderful. The tribe's women seem to mostly interested in having a bit of Fuk Suk Dui before dinner time, giving the boys a chance to make an escape. I'm not surprised that the cannibals don't make more of an effort to get them back. They're not a very appetizing bunch. Too bad there are no women involved. Thai women do look quite appetizing, and one or two of them on the jungle menu would have improved this movie view experience immensely.



Jody Dwyer, Ambience Entertainment 2008 (Australia)

An Australian horror film that weaves together two Tasmanian legends, the Tasmanian Tiger, thought to be extinct, and the "Pieman", an escaped convict from a penal colony that survived by eating his comrades. Now the Pieman has raised a Sawney Beane like family of cannibals living in the Tasmanian Forest. A woman discovers a photo taken by her missing sister that seems to show a Tasmanian Tiger, so she leads a group into the Tasmanian forest to search for the elusive creature, but the cannibals find them first.