The Encyclopedia of Cannibal Movies




L.Q. Jones, 1975

I resisted adding this movie for a while because, well, it just doesn't seem right to kick off an encyclopedia of Cannibal movies with a movie that does not feature any cannibals. But since this document has already branched out well beyond just cannibals, this classic sci-fi flick is due for inclusion. Don Johnson star as Vic (the Boy) in this independent film based on a novella by Harlan Ellison. His dog Blood is a genetically enhanced canine that is intelligent (moreso than anyone else in the movie) and can communicate telepathically with Vic. Together they travel a world destroyed by nuclear war to scratch out a living. Vic finds food for Blood while Blood finds untainted women for Vic. Eventually Blood sniffs out Quilla June, a lovely woman from an underground civilization that has abandoned the world of the surface. But just as Blood is bait to lure Quilla June, Quilla June is bait to lure Vic to the underground world. This world underground is a Christian Republican paradise where everyone lives in the 1940s and nobody has sex. Don is needed to "marry" the entire population of young females. Don escapes and Quilla June follows him. He finds Blood dying. Blood needs food to survive. Does Vic choose Blood, or Quilla? An interesting bit of trivia: the dog that played Blood was the same dog who played "Tiger" on The Brady Bunch television series.



aka The Hour of the Pig, Leslie Megahey, 1993

Not really a cannibal movie, but does contain an interesting scene of a nude woman used as a serving platter for food. A story about the equivalent of a modern day lawyer in medeival Europe. In a time when the plague is ravaging Europe, animals as well as humans can be charged with crimes, and the penalty for nearly all crimes is death, the Advocate comes to a superstitious country town to defend a pig against a murder charge.


Sophie Dix is a real dish in The Advocate



Charles Barton, Huntington Hartford 1949

One of THE classic Cannibal Comedy Cliche films. Abbot and Costello travel to darkest Africa with a map to a diamond mine and are eventually captured by the locals. The Chief has a sweet tooth for Lou, but his intended dinner is saved by an amorous gorilla. All the classic cliches are used. The Chief tastes the water heating in the pot, and pinching Costello tied to a stake, licks his lips and says "Ungawa." With Clyde Beatty, Frank Buck, Shemp Howard and Joe Besser.



Roy Mack, Warner Bros. 1933

An Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy short, this is a parody of the 1930 documentary file Africa Speaks (the Flip the Frog cartoon Africa Squeaks was also a parody of the film). Their plane runs out of gas in the middle of the African jungle and a friendly native tribe invites them to stay for dinner. Are cannibals really cannibals if they are cooking a ventriloquist's dummy? This is typical of the racist portrayal of Africans in the era.



Theatrical poster for Aimez-vous les Femmes?



aka Do You Like Women?, A Taste For Women, Jungfrau Reich Garniert

Jean Leon, Roman Polanski, Les Films Number One 1964 (France)

A French black comedy made in 1964 by French director Jean Leon from a screenplay by Roman Polanski. Polanski's screenplay is based on a book of the same title by George Bardiwill. This is about a sect of cannibals who collect at a vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant is a cover for the pagan sect that serves a gourmet cooked beautiful young woman as part of it's full moon celebration. It also features a romantic subplot about identical twin sisters, one of whom is the hero's girlfriend and the other, lunch (or was it the other way around?). The French title translates as "Do You Like Women?" This is a much sought after title which appears to be lost.

Latest News: This elusive classic film will need to be re-classified from lost to incredibly rare. It has become available on video. This is the original Aimez-vous les Femmes? in black and white and available in French language only or French with English subtitles. This film needs a remake!


Sophie Daumier being prepared as the main course in Aimez-vous les Femmes?



aka Bride's Waterfall, Lost Paradise - Playmates in Hell

Rizal Montovani, Maxima Pictures 2009 (Indonesia)

A young woman recovering from a traumatic incident is taken by her boyfriend and some other friends to "Bride's Island", location of a waterfall said to be able to grant a wish. Supposedly deserted, they discover the island to be inhabited by a group of cannibals led by a masked psychopath. Kind of an Asian Trash Cinema version of Wrong Turn. There is a sequel, Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket.


Tommy Slama, Rat Bastard Films 2012

A marijuana movie about pot growing hillbillies, Nazis, Kung-Fu experts, psycho cannibal hillbillies, and a weed-smoking, fart throwing Bigfoot. Horrible special effects and bad costumes are made up for by lots of naked women.



John Borowski, Waterfront Productions 2007

A docu-drama about cannibalistic child killer Albert Fish, who was executed for having murdered and eaten a young girl named Grace Budd. This film dramatizes the exploits of a man who may have been America's first real serial killer.



Frank Marshall, Film Andes S.A. 1993

I have been chided several times for not including this movie in this encyclopedia, so this entry fixes that. It was referred to in the review of Survive, the earlier Rene Cardona Jr. movie based on the same story. While Survive was more exploitation, this film was closer to the Piers Paul Read book of the same name and more historically accurate. This is the true story of the Uraguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in a remote area of the Andes in 1972 and were forced to eat their dead teammates to avoid starvation. There are rumors of a remake.



A Dancer for Dinner

Club Dead

Club Dead is a producer of amateur necro-fetish videos on various formats, including VHS, mpeg and CD-ROM. Most of their videos are very short; about five minutes or so. Some are longer, but none are feature length. Their actresses are purely non-union amateurs, but some of them are pretty nice to look at and they generally do a good job for such gruesome subject matter. Once in a while, they do a cannibal story and this title is one of them. In this one, amateur fetish actress Tanya is taken into a kitchen, where she gets made nude and is "all buttered up" in preparation for cooking her tasty body. This is also available from Club Dead as a downloadable feature titled "A Dancer For Dinner" and on their compilation video, "The Strange Files."




C.A.R. of Belmont, Michigan is an extremely bodacious lady who markets a line of videotapes which she bills as "adventures of an amateur scream-queen." These simple tapes are sexy horror short subjects which usually involve her dying in the nude in some contrived way. Her first efforts were very simple 35mm still slides transferred to video with a sound track. In this one, she is a topless Amazon warrior who is hunted by an unseen band of cannibals while herself out hunting. Brought down with arrows, she is taken back to the cannibals village where she is stripped down and laid out on the butcher block. Surprisingly clever and entertaining for what it is. Carrie also markets a line of live action videos called "Carrie's home videos."



Michael Nigro and Perry Grebin, Acme Pictures 2007

Subtitled "The Road To Reality" this film attempts to comment on the phenomenon of "reality" television. Presented as a documentary on the production of of a brutal, all-or-nothing reality television show that goes too far and is forced to shut down. Where does the cannibalism come in? "American Cannibal" is the name of the fictional reality show, a Survivor style show in which contestants "might have to eat someone" on an island that was supposedly once inhabited by cannibals. No actual cannibalism (or much of anything else for that matter), but lots of obvious satire.



Kelly LaMarr, London Bridge Productions 2018

Three girls are on a summer vacation after their high school graduation. After a night of drinking and partying they steal a car, but the car has a security system that shuts down the car and strands them out in the country. They decide to hide out at the home of a local resident; a good looking young guy who is nice and welcomes them in. Too bad for them they chose the wrong guy. He's a cannibal with a taste for young college girls and they end up in his larder for slaughter. There is nothing really unique or new about this film. It is pretty much your standard horror flick except that the guy is a civilized nice guy on the surface and not the usual hillbilly mutant psycho.


Beau Batterson, 2005

Not to be confused with American Cannibal, this is a $2000, 37 minute independent horror flick starring a bunch of Iowa high school students and a lot of cheesy gore f/x.



Boaz Davidson, Global Pictures 1993

Another post-apocalypse sci-fi thriller similar to the movie CYBORG, but not a sequel to it. The premise is stolen from "Terminator". The last fertile women must protect her unborn baby, who is the last hope of mankind against the ruling machines. The machines send the Cyborg to kill her and the baby. She finds the obligatory roguish male pretty-boy to protect her on her journey to meet the ship which will take her to safety in Europe. Along the way she is captured by a band of cannibal mutants who believe that "beauty is best experienced through taste." Despite the similarities, this is most definitely not "Terminator."



Sharad Patel, Film Corporation of Kenya 1981

A pseudo-documentary about former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. Even Amin's friends were terrified of him, and those who were able to escape his regime brought tales of brutality and perversion which rival those of Hitler. Among these stories were reports of cannibalism practiced by Amin in the old African tradition of consuming the power of an enemy. Many of these tales, including the cannibalism, are sensationalized in this film.



Martin and Osa Johnson

Martin and Osa Johnson were a husband and wife team of explorers, authors and documentary film makers who spent a large part of their lives exploring primitive areas of the South Pacific looking for cannibals and headhunters to write about and document. Their books make for very interesting and lurid reading. Osa tells stories of meeting with cannibals who size her up for a potential meal. This 1918 silent documentary was one of several made by the Johnsons between about 1910 and Martins death in 1937.



JM, Zane 1996

An anal/interracial porn tape released in 1996 by Zane, which has a large line of many similar titles such as, Anal Professor, Anal Connection, Anal Jeopardy, Anal Inquisition, Anal This, Anal That, and Anal TheOtherThing. People put on some African looking mask and are suddenly transported to the jungle where there are black people in grass skirts waiting to have oral, anal, and just about every other kind of sex with them. No cannibals.



aka Dead Meat (it's what's for dinner)

Philip Cruz, 2005

The one time "Clown Prince of Porn" Ron Jeremy stars as the title undead Cannibal Butcher with a hankerin for Cheerleader Chili in this horror/comedy. Stranded cheerleaders, an abandoned ranch house and a cannibalistic butcher. You know the drill.



An episode of Tales from the Darkside television series. Alice Ghostly is a kindly woman who takes a liking to a young woman and invites her to join her and her husband for their anniversary dinner. While relaxing in the couple's giant hot tub, she too late finds out what it is the couple is having for dinner.



Andre Madness, Rosebud Video 2002

Did the title give it away that this is a porn? Well, it should have, because it is a porn. An all anal porn anthology of Ass-afficionados through the ages. One of the four segments shows the appreciation that a tribe of African cannibals has for a young European woman's shapely behind. She is lost in the jungle, running from something. Cannibals, perhaps? She stumbles right into two tall, dark and hung native studs, who pull off her clothes, squeeze her buttocks and high-five each other for their good fortune in making this catch. The girl remains passive as they pinch, poke, fondle and lick her tasty parts. What comes next is just the usual porn suck and fuck with emphasis on the old poop chute and the obligatory double-penetration. After marinating the tasty wench in their man chowder, they leave her wondering what's for dessert, and us feeling like we missed dinner.



Joseph Robertson, Steiner Films 1992

Another cannibal comedy in the tradition of "Cannibal Girls" and "Motel Hell". The impressive cast includes Karen Black, Pat Morita, Michael Berryman and even Huntz Hall! Also featured are several lovely playboy playmates, including playmate turned porn star Teri Wiegel. Karen Black plays Auntie Lee, whose famous meat pies sold at her country inn are really made out of young men enticed to their deaths by her three sexy nieces. Even with all that, this film fails to be very funny, very scary or very sexy.



aka The Awful Adventures of an Aviator

Norval McGregor, Selig Polyscope Company 1915

An old, obscure movie from the silent era. A pilot about to embark on a flight in his experimental airplane dreams of the flight the night before the trip. In his dream, his plane crashes in a tropical jungle where he is chased by a tribe of cannibals. The cannibals catch him and put him in a pot. As the fire under the pot begins to burn, he wakes from his dream. One of those stories where the dream predicts the future (kind of).