Profusion of Forums

It all started with The Woman Eater, the first on-line forum devoted to fantasy discussions of gynophagia, cannibal and vore fantasies. That forum and website even became the namesake of an entire fantasy genre: WE (for Woman Eating). Soon similar forums exploded across the net and at one time there were more than a dozen listed here. With the recent closing of adultforums/hotboards, which hosted the Woman Eater Forum as well as many of the others (including my own Drum Beats forum) that number has reduced to a small handfull, a trend which given the current repressive political climate seems likely to continue. Enjoy these remaining forums while you can.

Canntoon/Pulptoon Forum

The Canntoon forum is now called the Pulptoon forum. CannToon's forum at for the "kinder, gentler" cannibal and vore fantasies and art and hommage to the old pulps.


Disturbed Forum

This is the Disturbing Things/Disturbing Stuff (i.e., The Doctor's) Forum at a mirror site. Of course, it's not really a mirror site because the active forum seems to switch from host to host whenever something goes wrong at the old host. Hard to keep track of but if the link above doesn't work, try this one (and vice versa).


The Big Gulp Forum

The original Vore forum has moved to a new location. Pretty much the same as it was before, just at a more stable location.


Dolcett Girls Forum

Perro Loco's Dolcett forum, attached to his still-under-construction pay-access website, Dolcett Girls. All things Dolcett... and beyond.


Eat Me Forum

Discussion forum for Nikki's All Night Diner: Mamabliss' free cannibal site. Not used much, but it is another cann forum for those that want to collect 'em all.


Deleted/Removed Forums

Drum Beats: the Cookbook For Cannibals Forum

The "official" forum of the Cookbook For Cannibals website. An adultfotums board, this is being phased out as it's host deteriorates and dies. This link goes to the Drum Beats Forum FAQ, and not to the forum itself as this forum is no longer being supported by this site.

The Woman Eater Forum

The one that started it all, and the one that has become the namesake for the rest. Adultforums and Hoboards, which has hosted The Woman Eater Forum for 11 years, have ceased to exist and now all forward to a femdom board that was never part of the adultforums "family". It appears this and other forums on adultforums/hotboards are gone for good. It is the end of an era.

The Big Gulp Forum

Big Gulp is one of the oldest (maybe the oldest) voraphilia sites on the net. Unfortunately, like Woman Eater it too dies with the host.

Akasa's World


The Vorum


Femcan Forum


Disturbing Forum

This one has gone 404, although it's replacement at Disturbed Things is still operating.